As the storm exposed the Internet repairer problem zero based high input lata-01

As the storm exposed the Internet repairer problem: zero based high input as the storm exposed the Internet repairer problem: zero based high input in the traditional car companies have traditional business as a support, and these emerging Internet car prices, basically nothing to build, pre investment, financial strength will be a great test. In recent years, with the Internet as the background of the capital have entered the automotive industry, in the hope that "new energy + Internet + intelligent sharing" mode, to create a new way to travel, to subvert the traditional automotive industry, like apple, HUAWEI NOKIA, become a winner in the future car market. Very beautiful ideal, the reality is very skinny. Although the Internet repairer is like a raging fire, but most are considered not reliable "PPT financing scheme". At present already publicly announced repairer Internet auto companies including only LETV, Wei, four, harmonious Futeng weimaraner. The latest news, some people worry about joy: Faraday said LETV factory suspension; Wei car released a car known as the world’s fastest electric car EP9; vimar car factory in Wenzhou started; the news that Futeng is experiencing the change of shareholders harmony. In addition, Baidu has been established in the end of 2015 automatic driving division, plans to achieve commercial production in three years of five years. But a few days ago, BMW said it stopped working with Baidu in the field of unmanned vehicle research and development. The analysis thinks, the automotive industry is a heavy asset mode, the traditional car prices in the transition process, business and production base support, and almost out of Building Internet car prices, based on whether the auto industry is still to be tested. "We are now what the puzzle of music as the repairer did not say, because we do not want to let people see us together with music." A new car company executives bluntly told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. From the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed and observed, the automotive industry as a very cautious attitude to music. "We will not build a luxury electric car for the tree brand, our first car is a production car." V-mark car CEO Shen Hui said. Compared with the industry counterparts, the great tone of music as the repairer. In addition to Nevada Faraday LETV in the future, there are known as the world’s first super eco car factory in Zhejiang Deqing super car factory, which invested 20 billion yuan; Tianjin and Jixian County eco city, known as the investment of 40 billion yuan. However, according to media reports, no start signs Zhejiang Deqing super car park factory; Tianjin Jixian County eco city, China Merchants Bureau officials said the two sides did not formally signed. Was questioned by the media after LETV issued a notice that the Zhejiang Mogan Mountain project is progressing well, will start before the end of the year, Tianjin Jixian County project before and the local government has signed a letter of intent, both sides need to further discuss related work. It is reported that the first phase of the project plans for a super production capacity of 200 thousand vehicles; the first phase of the project is scheduled to start construction within a period of two years after the start of production capacity expansion of 200 thousand vehicles in the production of two. But now, with the music as a result of financing problems, the implementation of the plan is unknown..相关的主题文章: