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Advertising Ashley Furniture: Designing great rooms for your house In today’s modern living, the homes feature "great rooms" with high vaulted ceilings and wide and open floor space. Designed for a casual living/dining combination, these rooms can often be excessively large, so they become overwhelming. Ideally we love to have a lot of space, but when it is too much space or the spaces is odd and challenging for designs, it can become more difficult to design this kind of spaces. There are several tips on how to find a solution for your living room and family room spaces: 1.Divide a large space into several smaller ones using furniture groupings that you can easily find at Ashley Furniture store. Find a focal point of the room, such as fire place with a loveseat, comfy chairs or recliners; and make it in to the conversation area. Use the opposite side of the room, or the corner of the room, as a TV entertainment space surrounded with long sofa, TV stand, end table and coffee table. Many of these items are available at Ashley Furniture gallery .Another are of the large space can be designated for reading alongside of the window, you can place an armchair and ottoman, with some additional lighting. 2.Use the flooring to separate the room into distinct zones. You can create reading are with book shelves and book stands; or use area rug over hardwoods to create separation between living and dining areas. 3.Use moldings to create dramatic looks for your ceilings and floors. 4.Use darker colors for some walls to create and differentiate the look of the entire space. Or you can use a specific painting technique or wall paper to separate the space; choose one with a large pattern and deep, rich colors. 5.Furnish the room with large pieces, including tall bookcases and fully upholstered sofas and chairs covered in plush materials, velvets, tapestries and other heavy fabrics. Use dark woods, and avoid glass tops on tables, which give the illusion of space. You can find many of these pieces at Ashley Furniture online store. 6.If you have pairs of bookcases, position them back-to-back and use them as a room divider. Attach them together at the backs for maximum stability. 7.Avoid decorating with mirrors. If you must have a mirror in the room, hang it so it does not reflect a window or other light source. Instead, try positioning it so it faces a favorite piece of art. You’ll enjoy the reflection, but it won’t lend to the spaciousness of the room. 8.Fill the room with accessories and plants. Use potted trees to match the scale of a tall ceiling. 9.Use columns and arches to create an aisle or corridor between the spaces. Many of the furniture items and accessories can be found all in one store, and have Ashley furniture delivery bring it to your home. More information on Commerical Real Estate, Leasing and Executive suites located here: .optawise.blogspot.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: