Asked the dispute or goddess will be coming to the PK game players cheer

"Asked" the dispute or goddess will be coming to the PK game site for players to cheer ten years, millions of online, "said (micro-blog)" the third national PK race is underway. The current national PK contest four player has been officially produced, these four teams will be in Beijing on November 19th -20 to the next line of the ultimate final! Worthy of attention, the recent heat in game player is quite "play the female" was the explosion may occur in PK site, as fans cheer! How to disclose the specific truth in the same day, please wait and see! "Asked" the official website: "ask" the national PK competition: four power be on a par with PK game ending a mystery, "asked" the third National Games in the hot PK. There are 4 teams beat the pack to become part of the national talent shows itself PK game 4. 4 captain are from "big 12345" Wudang treasures, the Great Wall’s "sky of winter", "my horse" splash "and" flying panda man". They will lead the team to the finals in Beijing! At present, four teams in the first few games of considerable strength, good performance, each one has its own merits. The final winner who is unable to judge the next time, or let us look forward to the final outcome of the final! The dispute or goddess appeared, friends call high recently, there was a beautiful game player uploaded her play "asked" the story of the "play" the occupation led to intense discussion of the faithful, but the woman for the occupation game player frank and positive energy has touched a lot of friends for her, "the the love asked" is caused by the way the friends of resonance, even a lot of friends and hope to have the opportunity to play with the beauty "asked". For national PK tournament finals coming, the official invited beauty to the scene accompanied by 4 strong players fighting together, as fans cheer. The high heat "controversy goddess" is likely to be one of them. Cash prizes pride to send, the king was born witness universal PK game awards highs 280 thousand cash prizes as king. At the same time, the high order horse, animal need and exclusive honor and pride to send massive gold! Who will cash in hand? Who is the king of this PK? "Ask" invite millions of friends to witness the birth of the king! November 19th -20, asked the third national PK finals will be held in Beijing, let us witness the birth of the king! Whether the faithful heart "hot goddess" to the scene as fans cheer, fight together? Million friends please wait and see!相关的主题文章: