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Ten point line the top ten companies to make up the number of false sales accounted for about three -widcomm

The ten point line: 5 companies cheat up was named the top ten sales are accounted for three seats [Abstract] every night at ten, the Tencent car take you at a glance today Jun line car circle important information. · the Ministry of Finance informed of new energy cheat up inspection: 5 enterprises were named Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co Ltd, United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co. Ltd., Chery Guizhou Wanda bus Limited by Share Ltd, Henan Shaolin bus Limited by Share Ltd are near the famous, so when you buy new energy vehicles the state or to open their eyes, money can not just cheated. Although the money can not get into the line of the king’s pocket, but the line is so justice, we must control! · passenger car sales in August before the ten self released: three seats Geely finalists again in August narrow passenger wholesale sales of the top ten car companies, FAW – Volkswagen continue to monthly sales crown, SAIC GM over Volkswagen, ranked second. It is worth noting that Geely in August continued to force with cars and SUV once again the top ten finalists, which also makes the independent brands occupy three seats in the top ten, the other two are in Changan and the the Great Wall car car. The independent brand is now really more awesome, the price is cheap enough, but also need to strengthen the design, after all, out of the mix depends mainly on the face. · Su Weibin debut " ": perfect the system of interrogation; Dragon ability urgent "compared with the past two years, the Shenlong Automobile indeed is not a small decline." Su Weibin frankly, he also analyzed the reasons for the decline in sales, the biggest reason is that the product mix and channel system has been unable to keep up with the market demand." A gentleman is very appreciate the boss himself to Jieduan, give you a big praise. · TTA | Shao Jingfeng: Chinese special planning design by how to win? "What we should do is implicit design rather than explicit design." Shao Jingfeng has repeatedly stressed that the typical Chinese elements not only use, but should be and even less with caution. Chinese brands should not find a fixed design elements, as long as the vehicle enough stretch, the atmosphere can reflect the confidence of the Chinese people, consumers will naturally recognized." I hope you will be able to make more than a few designers like you, to improve our poor aesthetic now. · Apple plans to build or Titan will use the "hollow" battery "Titan" rumors of Apple plans to build this has been broke a big black technology, and a company to develop hollow rechargeable lithium ion battery, the battery can be connected in series or in parallel without any welding. The first line of the king was surprised, and the world of your scientists is really beyond the comprehension of ordinary people. Line Jun reply: only feel stupid, not much money ah. Tell me dear friends, what is your suggestion? At any time in the comments area below the message Oh, your opinion is likely to occur in the area within the next day interactive Oh ~ tomorrow night at ten, a gentleman and you Be There Or Be Square! More exciting content can open WeChat, click on the upper right corner button, Search Club WeChat public account concerns.相关的主题文章:

Do these 5 points can be a good father busy – Sohu maternal and

Do these 5 points again busy also can become a good father – mother Sohu public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand from his father’s body, the child to observe what is a man, what is the husband, what is the father, while thinking about what is independent and brave. It can be said that the father is the declaration of independence of children, father is a brave child is the father of the child to the textbook, world leader. Children grow up without his father’s encouragement and support when it comes to educating children, many fathers say they are too busy, no time. In fact, this is a lie. In fact, I fully understand that although there is no time to educate children is a lie, but as a minority writer said, the language is the following language. Is this lie behind the fathers, there are thousands and thousands of words. Fathers to give up the responsibility to educate their children at least three reasons: fathers to give up the responsibility to educate their children at least three reasons: the first is the fierce competition in today’s society, if not more, may difficult, more difficult to bear responsibility for their families, not to mention the maintenance man’s dignity. Secondly, the education of children is time-consuming and trouble, father often shame wife love and patience. Again, children need to change many of the old ideas, need to learn a lot of knowledge and skills, the father often be deterred. Among them, the most fundamental reason is that the special responsibility of the father and the great potential of understanding. According to the Harvard University study found that there are two development direction of life, one is intimacy, the two is independent. Mother has a natural advantage and special responsibilities for the development of children’s intimacy, the father has a natural advantage and special responsibilities for the independence of the child. Of course, can not be mechanically, the mother can only cultivate intimacy not children training independence, father can only cultivate independence can cultivate children intimacy, but their potential advantages need to combine different. Many related surveys have found that not only the growth of boys can not be separated from his father’s example and guidance, but also the growth of outstanding women often benefit from his father’s encouragement and support. Mrs. Thatcher is a classic, her memories of their own growth, thanks to his father almost become a pet phrase. So how does a busy father become a good father? As a researcher with more than 40 years of educational experience, I try to combine the case with the following five suggestions. 1 give his wife some love and support in the family relationship, the relationship between husband and wife first, parent-child relationship second. The relationship between husband and wife is the foundation of the family. There is no good relationship between husband and wife, there is no perfect parent-child relationship. An American mother China came to work in Qingdao, Qingdao women’s Federation was rated as excellent mother. She recalls that when she was a child, she asked her father what was the best gift for her My father thought for a long time, always love her mother said. She said that she had spent her whole life knowing that his father’s love was the most precious gift. 2 give children a good example of the child is to look at the painting相关的主题文章:

Singing strength Max Mizuki Nana hit a new record o-pp点点通2006

The strength of the concert MAX Mizuki Nana set new record O list of famous Japanese seiyuu, female singer Mizuki Nana, with its unique voice and sweet appearance attracted many fans. Some time ago she was in Japan’s Tokyo arena successfully held a personal concert, many fans have come to her for help. The concert BD is also very popular, and even created a new record O. Mizuki Nana in April 9th this year and 10 in two days in the Tokyo arena held a personal concert. This concert will be her since 2011 after a lapse of 4 years once again boarded the dome, so fans are awesome have arrived to support them. The Tokyo concert of the two sets of BD have also been sold from the beginning of last week, two sets of BD are popular, each sold 11 thousand copies, becoming Oricon BD sales in the first and second week list. Mizuki Nana has thus created a new record, she became the history of music BD sales of the first number of the most popular anime singer, a total of 11 times. Mizuki Nana’s success and fans are inseparable, I believe that with the support of the fans, will certainly go better. Mizuki Nana is well known for his performance in the works of the magic girl, the vampire and the cross. As a voice actor, she attaches great importance to their work, and sharpen their own strength as voice actors, singers in a very long time. She has both experience and strength, the voice is changeable and charming, has a very difficult acting skills. And many in the dubbing process only by the sound of the voice, she seemed to each performance body with a passion and strength. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

The old man to buy insurance to grandchildren to 80 years of age after the discovery of the law does-小坂めぐる

The old man to buy insurance to the grandson of 80 years old 4 years after the discovery of the law does not allow Sohu in financial induced insurance agents, more than and 80 year old Mr. Yuan to buy an insurance for minors to 80 years old grandson, grandson. He did not know, Grandpa and grandson "generation", they do not have the "insurable interest", not to buy insurance. October 25th, surging news reporter learned from the Pudong New Area City People’s court, the court found the relevant facts after the verdict, the defendant returned to the old man 40 thousand yuan insurance company, compensation of $4766.8 yuan, yuan. Lin Xiaojun, the presiding judge of the case, believes that the insurance agent in this case makes false promises in the selling process, and there exists the phenomenon that the insurance agent is indulgent and implies the signature of the insured. The eight year old grandson to buy insurance to 80 yuan according to more than and 80 year old old man recalled, in September 2011, the insurance company manager Wang led a door-to-door sales agent called "Jinxiu annual" insurance: the annual payment of $10 thousand to pay for 5 years, sixth years can get 60 thousand yuan interest. See, Mr. Wang did not believe, and the agent and immediately issued a five year exemption for sixth years, which took sixty thousand of the undertaking. Holding the idea of pension added value, Mr. Yuan finally echocardiography, to buy the grandson of the personal insurance. However, at that time the son of the old man, that is, the grandson of the father is not, the Guardian Signature is signed on behalf of Mr. Yuan Lao. In October 2015, Mr. Yuan heard selling insurance agents and managers have resigned, quickly find their offices, was empty. He is worried about the benefits before Wang promised and the agent may fall, then took the contract and other materials for insurance company consulting, staff said: "all act in accordance with the contract, to surrender only refund the principal." Upon hearing this, Mr. Yuan heart suddenly cold half. He has some special life insurance, is to use their own pension, to the minor grandson to buy a period of 10 years of insurance, but also to protect the grandson of the age of 80. In order to protect their own interests, Mr. Yuan paper petition, sued the insurance company to the Pudong court, requesting an order the insurance company to repay the principal payment of 40 thousand yuan, 4766.8 yuan of interest. During the trial, the court added clerk Chen Moudong as the case of third people to participate in the trial. According to the interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of the "People’s Republic of China" insurance law "(three)" the provisions of article sixth, minors made to pay for the death of the insurance contract conditions other than the parents to fulfill their duties of guardianship for minors, the parties claim that relative clauses refer to insurance law of the contract valid identification, the people’s court shall not support, but with the exception of minors parental consent. In other words, there is no insurance benefits between the old man and the young grandson, the guardian of the insurance contract is signed on behalf of his signature, so this contract is likely to be invalid. According to the law, invalid contract invalid from the beginning, the insurance company should return the old man 40 thousand yuan principal. In this way, the old man’s interest on the lost. Insurance.相关的主题文章:

Li Chunjiang after the game in order to enjoy their best players

Li Chunjiang after the game in order to enjoy their best players like: Li Chunjiang on the sidelines of calm command Youth Times reporter Huang Chengyu 102 than 88! "Team spirit" without Lin Zhijie, but this does not hinder the Guangsha victory over Fujian team on the road, a good start for the new season CBA. In this game, two new signings of remarkable performance, Fortson had 26 points and 7 assists, Liu Zheng comprehensive data harvest 7 points 5 rebounds and 6 assists, after coach Li Chunjiang on two players made a point of praise. Coach Li Chunjiang took Liu Zheng to the press hall, he first on the game are summarized, "the game team was in defense and rebounding is in place, the enthusiasm and initiative, reflects the requirements before coaching". Li Chunjiang took the technical statistics, to see the team appeared 16 turnovers, he did not blame, the first game, we can not let go in the opening, the error is more than normal, because we want to play well. This is a process of gradual transition, continue to work hard." The game is also the team’s two new aid Fortson and Liu Zheng’s first show, the performance of eye-catching, Liu Zheng is also good, contributed a total of 7 points and 6 assists, 5 rebounds. "They are very hard, including before the preseason or team training or. From today’s defensive side of the game can also be seen, they hit the floor is the number of times. I hope they will accumulate more and more confidence in the next game." Li Chunjiang commented. In the game, in order to steal a ball, Liu Zheng in the middle near the body sideways slammed on the floor, I see people trembling. In and out of the press hall, Li Chunjiang is also the first time to ask Liu Zheng, who said that does not matter, will continue to do a good job.相关的主题文章: