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Automobile finance is the popularity of new energy vehicles "accelerator" after the success of the previous two forums, the auto industry’s most influential industry forum in Anting automobile finance forum has become the industry benchmark, has become an important driving force of the automobile financial industry chain integration and auto finance product innovation. With the preparations for the 2016 and third Anting International Automotive Finance Forum held the date of the fully open, Anting automobile finance forum again by the industry wide concern, and will foresee the trend forum topics of insight into the industry to become a focus of attention. According to industry concerns, Anting automobile finance forum sponsors, Jianyuan capital founder Wang Wei accepted an exclusive interview with the media before the day, around the forum process, the forum innovation for the related interpretation. The trend of insight: energy-saving emission reduction forced the development of new energy vehicles reporter: professional and authoritative Anting automobile finance forum increased year by year, the automobile finance in a changing external environment. So, in the face of the upcoming 2016 Anting International Auto Finance Forum, do you think we should pay attention to what? What are the highlights of the forum? Wang Wei: the most fiery new energy vehicles and non internet car, but I pay more attention to the new energy vehicles is closely related with the energy saving and emission reduction. Under the encouragement of the policy, the past two years, the new energy vehicles have a larger development, such as Beijing, new energy vehicles are not provided by the 100% indicators. Therefore, focusing on accelerating the promotion of new energy vehicles, we still have a lot of articles can be done, the need to explore new business models, the automobile finance is a very important tool and the starting point, especially in the auto finance car rental tools. In the case of pure electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, consumers are concerned about, not only the problem of charging is difficult, as well as ownership anxiety. Everyone will be very worried, after two years if I do change, second-hand car in pure electric vehicle market has not, so if the financing lease way, let you just go down faster this problem, by using appropriate financial instruments so that we can be very good to experience this fast to fundamentals of expansion. As we all know, according to the traditional way of car consumption, whether you are a cash purchase, or car loans to buy, the purchase of ownership, but the lease is a natural right to use the lease sale. Therefore, the effective use of Automotive Finance in the new energy vehicle consumption, you can quickly reverse the consumer spending habits, so that we are more likely to reduce the cost of conversion, so that we try. At present, in the field of public services in the field of power battery financial leasing, including charging station Zhuang financing and promotion, we found that the use of financial leasing of this car financial instruments, is a very effective way to promote. In addition, energy saving and emission reduction, we should also advocate a shared economy, such as the new deal has just introduced the network about cars. The application of big data in the field of automotive finance is also very broad. These hot topics, will be included in this year’s Anting International Automotive Finance Forum focused on. Forum intention: service the whole automobile industry chain reporter: Jianyuan capital is created by you in 2014, then do a big industry, successfully held the first Anting automobile finance forum. We are very good.相关的主题文章: