Autumn Institute of these sets of thin wearing a second to wear mixed fashion circle-reshacker

In the fall, you can learn how to wear a few seconds to wear a second mixed fashion circle, you always want to try to match the black, but you are a black and a love hate complex emotions. Love it all-match thin, hate it dull. Today Xiaobian teach you how to wear black good-looking and fun, nonsense not say we went straight to the theme. You can buy a lot of black T-shirts and black trousers. These items as the ride, outside a stylish coat collocation, a handsome black Look came out. Accessories are also based on simple, such as a simple watch, sunglasses, are the best thing to make the whole body. Here is the jeans, pants trousers or pants, can be. In the shoes on the mix, the choice is diverse, summer sandals, autumn boots can be selected. Windbreaker, woolen coat, knitted cardigan coat collocation can also replace. Take the T-shirt is not confined to the short sleeved, long sleeved shirts, striped shirt, is good for the ride. [black shirt + skirt + black coat] you can use a black sweater or a black T-shirt, black skirt collocation to you. Nine the length of the pleated skirt and fringed skirt, a toner appropriate, this is a little trick. There are side slits and the wraparound skirt, is the use of appropriate skin skills. Such a body, you can directly take a motorcycle jacket, whether it is with high heels or sneakers, are very good looking. But on the small series of individuals, or prefer to use short boots to match this body, will be more cool handsome some. [suspenders jacket + black trousers + coat] summer you should also buy a lot of small sling, used to do the inside, for you to add a little sexy. Sling will show you more neck skin, your skin is the best jewelry. There is a short jacket, revealing your beautiful waist skin. Let you have a more neutral body, but also to add a touch of sexy women in which. [+ + black turtleneck sweater trousers coat] autumn, the weather is cool. One wearing a turtleneck sweater will be very warm, but when your neck skin is blocked, how will we do not let the body too stuffy? First of all, you can collocation flat ballet shoes, show your instep. Second, you can use a hat, a single package, such as a single product, for your body with a three-dimensional increase. Turtleneck sweater and black trousers is late autumn or winter, very good in a single product. But most of US Asians are black, unlike the west people have brown hair or blond hair. At this time we’d better tie up the hair, dressed in the whole body into a piece of. [sweater + +] black trousers coat turtleneck sweater with respect to actually, we often wear. Is not so much a turtleneck sweater, some short neck, chest, upper body is not suitable for MM thick sweater. But the sweater will expose the neck skin, can add a little color to the body. With Chelsea boots and Cambridge bag, but also a very College match. A short section of the sweater is more suitable for the ride, a pilot jacket and woolen coat of what is good. In order to add a little color to the body, you can in the shoes?相关的主题文章: