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Careful chemical contamination of disinfectant liquid detergent should not be used together if you have some minor cleanliness, also very concerned about the laundry work, then you might like a lot of people in the laundry, washing liquid disinfectant will mix together into the washing machine. From a theoretical point of view, this is indeed relatively clean, but this approach not only can not achieve the effect of sterilization, but also may bring us health hazards. Phenolic disinfectant solution belongs to chlorine, excessive or improper use can also hurt. The detergent powder containing surfactant, if the washing powder and disinfectant mixed use, it is easy to produce chemical reaction, so that cleaning and disinfection effects are greatly reduced. In addition, if the disinfectant containing chlorine and acid washing powder mix, will lead to produce chlorine. When the chlorine concentration is too high, it will stimulate people’s eyes, nose, throat and other organs, serious damage to the heart and lung function, and even life-threatening. Disinfectant is mostly used to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, except in special circumstances, such as the home of someone suffering from eye diseases, diarrhea, or onychomycosis in women’s menstrual period, postpartum and infant, otherwise it is not necessary to mix disinfectant wash clothes. Because the human body itself has a certain degree of resistance, a small number of non pathogenic micro-organisms will not pose a threat to health, and clothing to receive a certain period of time, the sun will be their own demise. The frequent use of disinfectant, not only reduces the body’s resistance, but also easy to cause liver damage. However, some clothing special antibacterial liquid because of components different from liquid, so you can mix with your laundry detergent, not neutralization reaction. Therefore, under normal circumstances, do not recommend the use of disinfectant and detergent powder or laundry mix. · how to use the most reliable? 1: clothes, clothing and bedding, to disinfect clothes hanging in the room (do not pile into a pile), closed doors and windows, paste the gap, with the concentration of 15%, the amount of 7 ml per cubic meter of space Peracetic Acid Solution (1 g / m3), placed in ceramic or glass containers (can be used for heating), stove or gas furnace heating evaporation of alcohol, fumigation for 60 minutes to 120 minutes, you can open the doors and windows for ventilation; 2 of tableware: meal (drink) with disinfection, with the concentration of 0.5% Peracetic Acid Solution meal (drink) with soak for 30 minutes, soak, disinfection liquid to diffuse through the appliance disinfection, and finally flow water will wash out the meal (drink). 3 food: food disinfection, fruits and vegetables with a concentration of 0.2% to 0.5% of Peracetic Acid Solution for 10 minutes, soaking, disinfecting liquid to diffuse through the food, then the flows of water will wash food. 4 of household items, furniture, furniture, disinfection, soaking, spraying or scrub with a concentration of 0.2% to 0.5% of Peracetic Acid Solution, for immersion or spraying after disinfection of the items, with the flow of water should be clean or clean with a clean cloth.相关的主题文章: