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Health With the kind of technology we have nowadays, everybody seemed to have heard about the electronic cigarette. This is the latest smoking alternative where one could choose a minimal strength of nicotine intake. Smoking the electronic cigarette frees one from all the nicotine stain traces and its lingering odor. Superior is the word that speaks about the distinction of the Smokebot electronic cigarette from other electronic cigarettes in the market. It has the superiority in every way that others do not have. The Smokebot electronic cigarette gives assurance to the smokers through a 100% money back guarantee for its product. It is a battery powered device with a built-in atomizer to its cartridge. The atomizer is the one responsible for vaporizing the e-liquid containing nicotine into a water vapor. The Smokebot electronic cigarette is different from other electronic cigarettes in the market today because aside from having a built in atomizer, the Smokebot electronic cigarette provides a modern and classy Charger Pack that can charge up to 8 times before it has to be recharged again. This Charger Pack is designed like a cigarette case because it can carry 5 cartridges and 2 batteries in one. This allows the users to freely continue smoking even when traveling to distant places. It has also a battery meter that will tell you if the battery needs to be recharged again. At the bottom part is a flashlight which can be used in case of emergency. The Smokebot electronic cigarette has distinct difference from other electronic cigarettes in terms of price and convenience. The price is very affordable. It is also convenient because the atomizer is built-in, you dont change it every time you want to smoke. Another unique feature about the Smokebot electronic cigarette is that, it has no pungent odor exhausted from its smoke. Instead, you will enjoy its 5 delectable flavors, to wit: Traditional Tobacco – smooth tobacco blend, Mountain Menthol – cool and refreshing menthol, Jolt Juice – jolting energy drink, Very Vanilla rich and sweet taste of vanilla bean, and Mocha Mist rich and robust roast of coffee. Visit .thesmokebot.. for more information and be surprised to what other benefits it can offer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: