Before the end of the day, just finished second days after the emergence of illegal (video)-pork face

Before the end of the day, just finished the second day of scrapping the original appearance of the violation: on the day of 18 to get the receipt of the car. The following figure: 19 days appeared illegal once. Text reporter Reporter Jia Fengtu Jianhua "I just the day before the violation records processed all the scrapped vehicles will be also sent to the parking lot, not to second days and the emergence of illegal, not handling vehicles will not be scrapped." Yesterday, a message on the illegal vehicles on the Internet caused the attention of many users. The original has been scrapped car park received a yellow car, was once again illegal, owners and parking disputes. So, what exactly is this? Reporter launched an investigation. Has been scrapped scrapped yellow car again illegal yesterday morning, the reporter was removed to contact the owner of the yellow car scrapped lee. Speaking of his car has been sentenced to death, the yellow car, Lee is very helpless. I was on October 18th to apply for retirement, I did not expect the emergence of 19 violations." Lee recalled, Dalian has already introduced the relevant provisions on the scrapping of the yellow car, according to the provisions of the vehicle scrapped the declaration, and in October 18th will be all the violation records were processed. Subsequently, Mr. Lee to the vehicle to the abandoned vehicle parking lot, handled the closing procedures. At that time, and can not immediately apply for retirement procedures, I went home and other news." Lee can not think of is that the next day he received a phone call from the parking lot, the other said Lee’s vehicle produced a new violation records, if you do not deal with the scrapping procedures will not be handled properly. "I was on the day, the day before the rules are clearly dealt with, how to put the car in the parking lot on the day of a new violation?" Mr Lee’s solution to the parking lot to ask why, but the other party insisted that Mr. Lee’s vehicle violation records and the parking lot has nothing to do, and urged him to solve as soon as possible. Lee then Internet inquiries, results show that the illegal place actually in 202 National Highway and near the summer gold lights, no motor vehicle caused by. I have always been very good driving rules, few violations, and in October 19th the car was not in my hand, how could go to the illegal, can only be explained by the car out of the others to create a violation." Li analysis said. Lawyer: vehicle occupancy control should bear the responsibility of "it doesn’t exist the clone car, apparently to parking lot car out by." Lee said that the vehicle is illegal to say that, in the event of traffic accidents and injuries, he must be implicated, who can afford this responsibility. Mr. Lee’s experience was sent to the Internet users, a time attracted many netizens attention. Everyone on this matter There were many discussions. Hundreds of comments, forwarding the moment. Some netizens said, "since the vehicle is parked in the yard, you should be responsible for." "Scrapped vehicles should be transported by specialized vehicles, in the absence of the completion of the scrapped procedures, no one can drive without permission. In case of an accident, the vehicle shall bear joint and several liability." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter made contact with the abandoned car parking lot, but the other side of this question three do not know, refused to reporters. In this regard, the reporter interviewed Liaoning Peng Peng Law Firm lawyer Liu Jiaming, Liu Che相关的主题文章: