Beijing 63 west of the old elevator before the end of the Beijing channel, –

Beijing west of the old elevator before the end of 63 retired – Beijing Channel – original title: West 63 of the old elevator retired before the end of the newspaper news (reporter Jin Ke) before the end of the year, a total of 63 of the old residential elevator Xicheng District Deshengmen school field hospital No. 9, Niujie East District, West District, Niujie spring area such residential renovation will be completed. Reporter yesterday from Xicheng District Quality Supervision Bureau, Xicheng District thoroughly using more than 15 years old residential elevator at the beginning of the year, will replace the elevator into the important things for the masses to do. According to the plan, the Main Street East Community School Field Hospital No. 9 this year there will be 21 residential elevator renovation. Person in charge of the community, these elevators have been running for more than 15 years, serious aging equipment parts. In addition to these 21 elevators, Niujie East District, Niujie West District, the old residential areas such as the spring area of the elevator is also gradually transformed. Xicheng District this year will complete the transformation of 63 old elevators. In order not to delay the use of residents, the elevator is basically a replacement for a change. According to the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of special office responsible person, this year the city will be about 3000 of the old elevator for high risk assessment, assessment department has completed the first half of 1000. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: