Beijing city will be introduced to ease vacate space management advice – Sohu news-bleep

Beijing city space management advice will be introduced to ease vacate the city yesterday held a news – Sohu "features ease of promoting innovation and development" press conference, introduced the new achievements of the city, in order to ease non capital function "to" focus on fitness and health. The meeting revealed that the two departments are working on ease vacate space management and use, clear vacated use and land use planning policy, strengthening the financing support and tax support policy, to solve the "bits" "flower arranging" the overall utilization, prevent the population and function together. Key words: ease field shut down exit 300 industrial enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative office deputy director Wang Haichen introduced, the remaining four months of this year, the ease of non capital function, promote the development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative tasks will be more "seize the day". In industry, regional wholesale market, universities, hospitals and other key areas of ease, the year will shut down exit 300 Industrial Enterprises above, over a year ahead of complete shut down exit task 1200 industrial enterprises; shut down to complete the repaying, upgrading and ease the transfer of traditional commodity trading market 90, the basic completion of the zoo wholesale market area God commodity market (Fuwai branch) ease of transfer, ease the upgrade of Dahongmen area 16 wholesale market, speeding up the official Park, Wan Tong, Hongqiao City, Bairong and permanent, Albemarle Road area such as Tianya wholesale market ease adjustment and upgrading. Whether the concern of the new market will ease, Wang Haichen said, the new market of 70%-80% is to ensure the capital of agricultural and sideline products supply market, take the capital of the public necessities supply; the rest of the agricultural products logistics function, only this part was relocated to the "not the new move". Wang Haichen also said, will study and formulate the administrative institutions plan and annual work plan to ease ease. In addition, Wang Haichen said, will realize the Beijing City University, Beijing University of architecture and the new campus of Beijing Technology and Business University in partial reentry students; compression of Beijing Union University enrollment, study the new site location; accelerate the overall relocation, Tiantan hospital, Tongren Hospital of Yizhuang school district two construction progress, promote the first hospital of Peking University Institute of Daxing District, Shunyi friendship hospital hospital district started construction. Key words: "two rooms" Zhiguangongfang Sidaluanjian serious Wang Haichen said, according to the actual situation of the city’s low-end industries and floating population agglomeration, the "two room" as an important starting point for the ease of. "Two" refers to the rural collective land and state-owned enterprises stock of land, the current two types of land to gather a large number of low-end industries, become tile economy breeding soil. The rural collective land, such as Changping District Huilongguan construction of the "double" community, the resettlement of peasants out of 160 thousand square meters of space, the introduction to accommodate about 500 entrepreneurial team Tencent multi-creation space. The stock of land for state-owned enterprises, the SASAC in Chaoyang District to carry out the inventory of state-owned enterprises in the pilot, accelerate the transformation of state-owned enterprises to promote plant utilization, agricultural housing leases and non capital function and ease the work. "One room" that is straight. The city is now a total of.相关的主题文章: