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Beijing District, Township People’s Congress election to punish bribery launched – Sohu Beijing Beijing News in September 19,   (reporter Ceng Nai) Beijing District, Township People’s Congress election work in full swing, will produce a new session of the District People’s Congress 4373, nearly 10000 of Township People’s congress. Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Deputy Secretary General, said spokesman Huang Shisong, the bribery behavior will undermine the election, in violation of security regulations, shall be given administrative penalties; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. The system of people’s Congress is the basic political system of china. The National People’s Congress is the highest organ of state power, and the local people’s congresses at various levels are the organs of state power. In July this year, the new Beijing City, Township People’s Congress election starting in mid September, the election work in full swing, involving 16 districts and 180 villages and towns, the New District People’s Congress will elect 4373 representatives of nearly 10 thousand, Township People’s congress. In Beijing, Financial Street, the election committee of the District of Xicheng District, voter registration work is in full swing. 9 in the morning, a piece of publicity boards standing in a crowded shopping mall, the staff to come to consult the public release of a "caused by the region’s voters in a letter," the election of 16 asked the little folding promotional materials. Beijing is located in Xicheng District Financial Street, gathered more than 1 thousand and 700 various financial institutions including "three", and many of the government’s administrative organs, with 120 thousand voters, voters in Beijing area can be described as "". To allow more people to understand the electoral process, Jia Huilian, deputy director of the Financial Street branch of the election committee, the introduction of the election to the public knowledge of the election manual, told reporters. This knowledge manual, detailing the election procedures: according to the election law, District, Township People’s Congress directly elected by the voters, the National People’s Congress and the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress by indirect elections. National People’s Congress by election, which represents the number of candidates should be more than the number of deputies to be elected; direct election, the number of candidates should be more than the number of persons to be elected to a 1/3 times; indirect election, the number of candidates to be elected should be more than 1/5 to 1/2; the secret ballot voting principle adopted, also called the secret voting principle, votes no department voter name, vote on behalf of candidates in accordance with the provisions of the symbol of favour or oppose or abstain from voting, or another person. How do voters register? On the one hand, the staff electoral institutions entry voter information, or to the voters residence or job registration; at the same time, voters can also hold a valid identity document to the Electoral Commission initiative to register, or through the Beijing voter registration official website or WeChat public registration no.. Reporters learned that voters should be registered voters in the constituency, to participate in the election, can not participate in elections in more than two constituencies. Each voter has only one vote in an election. In the city of Beijing for more than a year to live or work in the city have a residence permit, if I request to participate in the election in Beijing, and account for the location of the voters of the electoral districts qualifications, also can be in Beijing residence or work unit selection.相关的主题文章: