Beijing has eliminated 340 thousand old cars this year can reduce emissions by 40 thousand tons wetnwild

Beijing has eliminated 340 thousand old cars this year can reduce emissions of 40 thousand tons of data figure: figure is near China World Trade Center haze shrouded, visibility reduced. Futian photo map. Photograph: visual China Beijing Beijing on 2 November, (reporter Kan Feng) at the end of October this year, Beijing city this year, the total elimination of old vehicles 340 thousand high emission pollutant emissions 40 thousand tons, forecast. At present, the implementation of the Beijing, Beijing to further promote the elimination of old vehicles out of the update program (2015-2016) will expire at the end of this year, before scrapping old cars can apply for 8000 yuan of government subsidies for cars. The old car eliminated 340 thousand pollutant emissions 40 thousand tons according to the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Ministry of environmental protection in accordance with pollutant emission reduction assessment algorithm, eliminated 340 thousand old cars, the annual reduction in carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulate matter emissions of 40 thousand tons, including 3094 tons of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons of 4102 tons. Currently, the vehicle population in Beijing has reached 5 million 650 thousand, the annual total emissions of about 500 thousand tons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds emissions, respectively, accounted for the city’s total emissions of pollutants 86%, 56%, 32%. In the contribution of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), the contribution ratio of vehicle emission is more than 30%, and the non heating season can reach more than 40%. Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said the vehicle emission pollution is the biggest source of my local PM2.5, is the main vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in certain weather conditions, about half will be converted into PM2.5. In addition, the emission of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds is an important factor to cause the ozone exceed the standard, the VOC emissions of light-duty gasoline passenger cars accounted for the total emission of volatile organic compounds 80%-90%. Before the end of the year scrapped the old small passenger will receive 8000 yuan of government subsidies currently Beijing implementation of the "Beijing city to further promote the elimination of old vehicles renewal plan (2015-2016)" on the advance of old vehicles scrapped car owners to give 8000 yuan subsidy (as the owner of 1 passenger cars scrapped in advance of 10 years can obtain 8000 yuan of government subsidies, 1 cars scrapped in advance 10 years of large passenger will receive subsidies of 19 thousand and 500 yuan). According to the program, "during the period from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016 on the scrapping of old vehicles, deadline to apply for government grants and business owners Award for January 31, 2017, if not for the". Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau reminded, please comply with the owners of the subsidy policy, pay attention to policy aging, timely handling of the formalities to enjoy government subsidies, to improve the air quality of the capital contribution. Beijing six years a total of 2 million 172 thousand out of the old cars according to the introduction, in order to control vehicle pollution, over the years, Beijing mainly from improving car standards and speed up the old car eliminated, strengthen car supervision, improve the quality of oil, oil and gas pollution and strengthen the supervision of non road diesel engine power machinery pollution control and so on several aspects, to develop and.相关的主题文章: