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Beijing morning news: private custom don’t become elective stunt – View – original title: private custom don’t become elective gimmick "I want to customize a humorous, witty, male teacher will can simplify the complex engineering knowledge." "Pro, give me a warm and cheerful, and we can have more exchanges of young women teachers……" School of metallurgical and chemical engineering, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, launched the "private custom" teacher model, freshmen simply fill in a report when the teacher custom order, you can customize the private teacher. (September 11th CNR) is the "private custom" to a certain extent, similar to the university elective system now widely practiced, each student according to their needs, in the school system to customize the exclusive curriculum and teacher selection. The final total result is likely to be the same: a good reputation, welcome teacher, everyone wants to choose, but to do so is the only part; a considerable number of teachers on students’ characteristics are not prominent, but since the commencement of the appeal, and also will be assigned to a certain number of students. Therefore, if the "private custom" just play little role in the selection of students, that is a "elective gimmick" just, not worth mentioning. What I hope is that the concept of "student oriented", which is based on the concept of "student oriented", can play an important role in the teaching of colleges and universities. This requires the real attention mechanism of "private custom" and supporting the post use, students after class is not discarded as trash. On the one hand, private custom to adhere to and promote the open, the formation of large data requirements for teachers. The school should take the requirements of students as an important dimension of teacher recruitment, assessment, through the "private custom" guidance teacher teaching, urging teachers to improve their teaching methods, strengthen communication with students. On the other hand, through the private custom to reverse the heavy scientific research and light teaching ethos. If the pressure of teachers in scientific research is too large, it is difficult to invest in teaching enthusiasm, private custom, it is difficult to achieve the original intention. Therefore, the school should be in the management, so that educational resources, evaluation mechanism to tilt to the front-line teachers, so that teachers are willing to take root in the classroom. In the final analysis, private custom in the end is a gimmick or innovation, it depends on the actual work in Colleges and universities how to use this mechanism, can really serve the students and teaching. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wang Qian)相关的主题文章: