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Beijing rectification network ordering platform — Health Channel – Beijing in September 11,     (reporter He Yong) with the "illegal behavior of the network of food safety measures" formally implemented in more recent days, the U.S. group, hungry, Baidu takeaway three network ordering platform without batch production shop licence. As of September 7th, ordering platform monitored a total of 43526 stores, over two weeks ago, the platform stores decline in the total number of more than 8000 households, the license publicity rate from two week before the 86.5% rose to 89.9%, close to 90%. Beijing city food and Drug Administration market supervision department director Li Jiang said, on the recent network ordering platform is investigated on the carding, transfer of the business sector, the Beijing city enterprise credit system network into the city’s 55 department. Repeated cases of serious violations of the food production and business operators will be locked in the inter departmental blacklist, the company’s business practices and the relevant responsible person’s corporate behavior will be limited. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 12 August 14 Edition) (Nie Congxiao Juan, commissioning editor: right)相关的主题文章: