Beijing residence permit service platform can be used to test the operation of residential registrat-winavi

Try running network about the handling of residence registration card Beijing News News card service platform of residence in Beijing city (reporter Li Yutong) reporter learned from the Beijing police, to apply for a residence permit for the convenience of business to Beijing, Beijing police set up the "Beijing residence permit services platform" has been launched on October 28th test run. At present, residence registration card online reporting, online acceptance. According to reports, the service platform features included in the online application for residence registration card, apply for residence permits, network inquiries, service guide, policies and regulations and common problems such as six services. But at the beginning of the on-line operation, will be accepted in advance to apply for residence registration card online business. After the trial run, the police will be opened as soon as possible to apply for residence permit online business. Applicants can log in directly through the website, or through the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official website click into the Beijing residence card service platform". The real name registration, you can apply for residence registration card (apply for a residence permit yet opened). After the successful completion of the service platform audit, the applicant can view the system acceptance notice, and press the site about the time to accept the flow to the station or the police station to handle the relevant business. It should be noted that the service platform to provide online application for residence registration card and apply for residence permit business, only the applicant’s online application, do not accept the Commission agent. The public security organ that the applicant should ensure to provide personal information service platform and filling information is true, accurate and effective, if the relevant information provided are false, all of its services will be terminated if the relevant information platform; users involved in illegal behavior, the user shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility. It is understood that the public security organs to build the "Beijing residence permit service platform", the purpose is to establish the online channel, ease permit outlets of the queue, the online application still needs to prove that the applicant flow of materials and receive residence registration card or residence tube station or the police station to submit. As for the "residence permit", which has not yet expired, it can still be used as a voucher to enjoy the basic public service and convenience. Editor: Dai Yuxi, Liu相关的主题文章: