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Beijing start accepting business identity in different places across the country next year to complete the new network in Washington (reporter Enron) the Municipal Public Security Bureau morning revealed that since the beginning of September 20th, Beijing police launched a comprehensive national various provinces and autonomous regions to handle ID card remote handling work, then, in addition to part of the need in the ID card in the languages of minority nationalities area besides, all citizens in Beijing and Beijing residents in the country, can apply for a replacement, replacement of identity card business. I still cannot achieve the acceptance of remote areas including Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Xinjiang, Tibet autonomous region, Jilin 4, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, part of Qinghai Minority Nationality Autonomous Prefecture (county), the Ministry of public security due to ongoing transformation of the relevant information system, the relevant business suspension. The reporter learned that, from late August, after Beijing and Tianjin police began a pilot, Beijing police in a short period of time in different places for the identity card business expansion to the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, then can be accepted and expanded to 10 provinces and cities, the scope has been extended to 16 other provinces and Autonomous regions. Since Beijing can begin to handle off-site for a replacement card, Beijing has accepted the provincial city citizens in Beijing to apply for identity cards 2536. The Municipal Public Security Bureau said, long live, work and study in Beijing provinces household staff, because the identity card expires or damaged or lost, the need for a replacement for business, can apply for the nearest to the city’s household registration police station. But in the suburban area of Huairou, Pinggu, Miyun, Yanqing branch, some township household registration police station is located in the mountains, almost no foreign population temporarily unable to handle, if Beijing migrant citizens need, can go to the outer suburb of the city’s scope of the police station or residence hall. After September 20th, the residence of foreign citizens in different places in Beijing to apply for identity cards for replacement at the same time, in the field of living in Beijing people can enjoy the same service. The remote area is temporarily unable to handle, all need to be published in minority languages in the area ID. If Beijing people in these areas, the same can not handle off-site. Police said, in July 1st next year, all regions will be completed online, then publish problems of minority languages will be solved. Apply for a resident identity card off-site acceptance, I have to apply for the admissibility of the window to handle the scene, provided by the city of Beijing issued a temporary residence permit or residence permit. Renewal documents also need to provide the original identity card. In the process, I need to shoot the scene to collect standard photos, and collect my fingerprints. At present, the remote residence permit system does not support the photo scanning. Apply for off-site replacement identity card, will be submitted to the "admissibility issue the identity card within 60 days of the day in the resident registration form". J060相关的主题文章: