Beijing – VIDEO – China square dance master in the national Kunming aunt dancing competition 追踪309

Beijing – VIDEO – China square dance master in the national Kunming aunt dancing competition Chinese square dance master gathered in the national "Kunming aunt dancing competition [comment] recently, the Taobao national square dance contest in Yunnan Kunming finals, 6000 teams from the national talent shows itself in the 12 team, a wonderful dance, never compete. Dressed in costumes riotous with colour painting, bright makeup, the group usually busy in the fields of the farm aunt as the incarnation of the leading actor on the stage. In the first Alibaba Rural Cultural Festival, from Yunnan, Hunan, Guizhou, Fujian and other parts of the country’s rural square dance aunt who together, dancing competition. [the same period] (contestant Yang Yuechi) (today) on the stage, see so much light, although a little nervous, but the sound of the music, there is nothing, very happy. [commentary] on the stage, the Tibetan, Miao and other ethnic dances have appeared, aunt who infected with their enthusiasm and vitality of the scene of every audience. The youngest contestants from Yunnan, Binchuan, only 27 years old, the oldest of the age of more than and 50. They use a section of the heat of the hip-hop dance to tell the audience, square dance is not the aunt’s patent, not all slow rhythm. [the same period] (runner ran powder) as if the square dance is a relatively slow rhythm, the older dance. We just have to think why (we do), and we think the old can be young. We looked so elderly people dressed in dew, also dress up is not good, but I think it is 20 years old 30 years old or 50 years old can be the same to the nines (dance). [commentary] Alibaba in the Rural Cultural Festival set up a special square dance contest, all the country’s rural Taobao service station can be registered for the competition. It is reported that a total of 6000 teams from all over the country to participate in the competition, which lasted for about 3 months after the competition, there are 12 teams qualify for today’s finals. Finally, Yunnan in Maitreya to represent the team won the title. Reporter Dao Zhinan Kunming reports相关的主题文章: