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Beijing – VIDEO – Nanjing "fairy village residents" shuttle fairy tale world [comment] recently, the Nanjing Jiangning Dong village, a new decoration, painted end house, with brilliant colors constitute the childhood pressure wells, little mouse, cat swallows fly south and a beautiful painting of the picture, a picture is a true to life story scenes, in which the villagers go through like a fairy tale world. It is understood that the villagers around the house wall painting is a part of Dong Village residential environment transformation, the villagers all praise more than. The same period [] (Dong Village Wang Haruki) we got really good, feel proud, with my conscience, my family inside this place, other places do not, on my home turf, I feel it out are comfortable, spirit is better, from my heart to speak. [the same period] (Dong village villagers Dong Fang) is now a beautiful transformation, transformation of good, the loss of the government, like the government made (transformation). [comment] staff told reporters that this transformation is in line with the construction of the beautiful countryside of Nanjing of Jiangning, a total of sewage treatment in the village include road asphalt paving, street reconstruction, and the villagers around the house painted green and etc.. After the completion of the transformation will not only improve the living environment of the villagers, but also to attract more tourists to travel, thereby enhancing the level of income of the villagers. The same period [] (Nanjing Jiangning Miao Zhuang community director Wang Long) draw the wall painting is Dongjiakou in rural areas, improve our overall living environment, to the villagers to bring a fresh feeling and to attract tourists, including Nanjing city Jiangning District, we present the wall painting is relatively small, I want to appeal to tourists or have a certain appeal. Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu Nanjing相关的主题文章: