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Beiqi new energy 180 million second-hand cars new car sales promotion – car Sohu recently, Beiqi New Energy announced that the brand new energy electric second-hand car launch replacement policy, provides up to 180 million yuan subsidy fund for the replacement of the brand pure electric vehicles to consumers. The content of replacement policy of new energy Beiqi, in July 1, 2014 before buying Beiqi new energy E150V private consumers, in December 31st this year if the replacement of the company’s EU260 or EX00 models, will receive a subsidy of 0 yuan, in addition to Beiqi new energy vehicle recycling second-hand consumer market price for the local 45%-55%. In the Beijing market as an example, E150V will be based on the models and the use of 84 thousand and 800 yuan to 96 thousand and 900 yuan, the price of 45%-55% repurchase, through calculation we can see that this batch of vehicles of the repurchase price of 38 thousand yuan to 53 thousand yuan. This month, 26, after the end of the Beijing minibus Yaohao, all new energy indicators will run out, that is, the second half will no longer add new energy vehicles indicators. But at this time the replacement of Beiqi new energy policy will be used car replacement way to stimulate new car sales growth. Beijing new energy automobile Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager, general manager of marketing company Zhang Yong said that although the replacement activities continued until December 31st, but next year will launch a new policy according to the market situation, the new energy car replacement will continue. In addition, Zhang Yong also said, "back back the electric car, testing, maintenance, sales are digested in our own channels, such as the rental market, the internal use of the plant, were sold in two or three, four line city, with cheaper price, so that consumers can buy a good car products." (Editor: Li Dehui)相关的主题文章: