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Beyond the "frozen"? Your name. "The box office or will exceed 20 billion recently, directed the animated film by Makoto Shinkai" your name. Release only 4 weeks will break through the yen (about RMB 650 million yuan) at the box office mark of the past 10 billion. Moreover, with the duration of the screening, the total box office will continue to hit a new high. Japanese media also recently made a prediction that the box office or will break through 20 billion yen (about RMB 1 billion 300 million). Recently, the Japanese media will be your name. "The box office with the 2013 release of the Oscar prize winner" frozen "at the box office made a comparison by chart. Data show, "your name. "The box office rose a strong momentum," frozen "after 14 weeks until the release of DVD version of the appointment start momentum gradually weakened eventually fixed at 25 billion 400 million yen (about 1 billion 677 million yuan). Dongbao service Yoshizawa Yoshihiro said, "your name. "This year will be fully released, DVD and BD have to wait until the next spring. So look, your name. "The box office will go beyond the" frozen "or may not say that. Green is your name. "Red," "blue snow romance," Ponyo ") however, meaning one of the super high box office this film is also made, which became the second after Hayao Miyazaki a" animation director at the box office over 10 billion. It also means that Japanese animation have qualified successors. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: