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Big shot! 40%: Samsung Samsung users no longer touch — Hainan channel — many Samsung powder is Note7 this year to be hurt, after several thousand yuan flagship fried fried said, really let the human mind weary. However, you have to ask how deep the damage? Foreign media said the survey data show that 40% existing Samsung mobile phone users will not touch Samsung phone. In September, when the foreign media has done a survey for Samsung users. At that time, 34% of users said they would not buy Samsung phones. It is clear that Samsung Note7 a deep fried and then fried, so now Samsung user loyalty further reduced. In this part of the user to choose to give up completely, 8% of people want to choose Google Pixel phone. If the platform, 70% of the people still choose ANN, 30% of users consider the choice of iOS. Samsung Note7 in the first recall, foreign media conducted a survey in September 23rd, 1000 Samsung users are 77% of users said they would never abandon, still support samsung. In addition to not want to go to the other way of using mobile phone (Samsung mobile phone habits), there are other reasons for the appearance design (52%), (44%), customized experience life (39%), (35%) the price of other brands, not love (28%). (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: