Boeing’s first overseas factory in Zhoushan will build hundreds of aircraft each year

Boeing’s first overseas factory located in Zhoushan each year will create hundreds of planes Boeing’s first overseas factory located in Zhoushan each year will create hundreds of planes on each reporter Shen Wei the afternoon of October 28th, Boeing, China commercial aircraft company held a press conference in Hangzhou announced that the center of the Boeing 737 aircraft completed and delivered in Zhejiang Zhoushan. It is reported that Zhoushan delivery center will be formally completed in 2018, the end of the first aircraft delivery. After the completion of the completion and delivery center plans to deliver 8 to 10 aircraft per month, the annual delivery of about 100. So far, the Boeing Chinese project landing battle ended, but was working on this government of Zhejiang Province, more than three years ago did not stop. Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong said at the press conference, Zhejiang will give the province’s power to support the construction of the project. Boeing landing market transaction according to the plan, the Boeing 737 aircraft completed and delivered to the center will be built in the center of the Zhoushan Aviation Industrial Park, Zhoushan city is located in the Zhujiajian island of Putuo District, the planning area of about 7.88 square kilometers, divided into flight service area, comprehensive supporting area, parts manufacturing, assembly and maintenance area area and ecological landscape area. Estimated total investment of 10 billion yuan. Reporters learned that the Boeing 737 of the Zhoushan center has a total of two parts, namely, Boeing and China flying joint venture of the completion of the center of the 737 aircraft, as well as the Boeing company’s sole delivery center of the 737. The completion of the center will carry out 737 aircraft on the entertainment system, seating and other interior installation, as well as body painting and aircraft repair and maintenance services, followed by the delivery center, the completion of the 737 aircraft delivered to boeing. Acting governor of Zhejiang province Che Jun pointed out in his speech, the Boeing company is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of civil aircraft, the Boeing project located in Zhoushan, the future development will have a profound impact on Sino US cooperation and boeing. The market in Boeing landing Chinese as reaction eagerly, in addition to some local Zhoushan and infrastructure stocks, Japan Seiki (002520, SZ) is the largest supplier of Zhejiang local large aircraft engine project heart blade device, which has just completed the acquisition of Italy MCM company customers, such as Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturers impressively in the column. Prior to the day fine hair machine also said that the company’s holding subsidiary of Japan Airlines paper base honeycomb parts processing business has been carried out smoothly, is currently actively seeking to provide supporting components for Boeing channels. In addition, including Nanshan aluminum will provide aircraft grade aluminum for Boeing aircraft (600219, SH), private airlines will become the first domestic Boeing sub suppliers of the enterprises in Shenyang Xizi Aviation Industry Co. Ltd. are popular attention. Boeing in Zhoushan less involved in industry data show that in May 2007, the Airbus A320 series aircraft assembly line in Tianjin project started in Tianjin Binhai New Area, and attracted Goodrich, west wing aircraft, helicopter aircraft, aviation industry fund, the United States Honeywell and other more than and 50 domestic and foreign aviation enterprises have settled in Tianjin. After nearly 10 years of development, aerospace manufacturing industry has become a pillar industry in Tianjin相关的主题文章: