British Foreign Secretary Johnson was banned from cycling easy targets

The British Foreign Secretary Johnson was banned from riding a bicycle: easily become the target original title: British Foreign Secretary Johnson banned cycling morning news reporter Xu Huifen reported as one of the world’s most famous politician, British Foreign Minister Boris · Johnson head and unkempt blond hair and wears a helmet image of riding a bicycle, has long been popular. Now, however, Johnson is no longer able to ride a bicycle on the streets of London, as he had done before, because the London police have banned him from doing so. During his time as mayor of London, Johnson spare no effort to promote cycling, he also set an example, not only often ride to the city hall to work, but also often go to a variety of meetings by bike. After becoming a British Foreign Secretary in July, Johnson, who loves cycling, hopes to continue riding. However, the London police told Johnson, now he is different, as the foreign minister, it is too dangerous to do so. London police believe, Johnson riding a bike, it is easy to let him become the target of terrorist attacks. So, he can only use official car. A friend of Johnson told the sun that Johnson was "annoyed" by the ban, "said Mr." he liked to ride a bicycle and rode on as a mayor. ". When he was told not to do it again, he felt very depressed." The friend said, Johnson expressed a protest, but the police’s attitude is very firm, he can only accept such a fact." During his time as mayor of London, Johnson has been promoting the public bicycle project, not only to spend heavily to promote bicycle rental program, but also committed to building a "bicycle highway". "Daily Mail" said in November 1st, after a separate cycleway laying welcome, now the traffic peak period, London Blackfriars bridge traffic flow of about 70% of the bicycle. Of course, the London police are not making a fuss. Although Britain did not encounter serious terrorist attacks like France, but the situation is equally grim. Foreign minister Johnson is a world famous politician, but also in the ministerial meeting of the UN General Assembly held in September this year, Johnson has also launched the investigation of terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) the legal responsibility of the action, all this let Johnson very easily become the object of attack. At the United Nations General Assembly ministerial meeting, Johnson called on all parties to unite, hope that as many countries, non-governmental organizations, as well as victims to participate in the action, the IS rope to the law. According to reports, in order to cope with the IS long-term consequences of the threat of terrorist attacks, the British intelligence is responsible for the collection of six military intelligence (MI6) will be in 2020 before the massive expansion, an increase of nearly 1000 employees, currently about 2500 employees increased to nearly 3500 people. The six military intelligence (MI6), younger believed that the threat of terrorism in western countries will last for many years. In addition, the British police and military will upgrade surveillance equipment. For example, the British Air Force Special Forces (SAS) will be equipped with a one-time stay in the air for 45 days of solar UAVs, in order to track the entire 2相关的主题文章: