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The explosion documentary "I’m in the Imperial Palace to repair cultural relics" movie file December "I’m in the Imperial Palace to repair cultural relics" file 12.16+ director Xiao Han said to have been shot down Tencent (the thousand entertainment news photography Xue Jianyu Qin Fuqiang camera) remember that produced a group of master Meng Da repair "I" in the the Imperial Palace cultural relics repair? Now, the film has been re edited, and it’s going to be on the big screen! The afternoon of November 8, 2016, the documentary film "I’m in the Imperial Palace repair cultural relics" press conference at the Imperial Palace Museum Jianfu palace garden Jingsheng Zhai meeting, announced that the film will be released in December 16th set file. The film’s director, Yao Qian, Xiao Han music writer Song Jirong Dan Jixiang green demon, vice president, Dean of the Imperial Palace Museum and cultural protection department repair division Wang Youliang, Qu Feng and other guests full debut of the event. "Super" tongue "watercress score Nirvana in Fire" "artisan spirit" big screen "landing in the Imperial Palace I repair cultural relics" series published in January 2016 in the CCTV broadcast, the true record of the repair process of precious cultural relics, these people show skills and inheritance of national intangible cultural heritage of the daily work and life, show the original appearance of the Imperial Palace relics superb technology and restoration of cultural relics, cultural relics record doctor "and their" resurrection of cultural relics". After the broadcast quickly became popular network, at B station gained high popularity, nearly 2 million hits, watercress score up to 9.4 points, more than the same as the explosion of a documentary on the tip of the tongue "China" and the hit series "Nirvana in Fire", has become one of the most influential documentary of the year. Wang Jincheng watch repair division in the eyes of the man of God, even the "Royal cat" has become a "star". Drama version of the rapid spread of good reputation, fermentation, especially in young people by the Blitz, so many users expect to be able to see the sequel. Dan Jixiang the Imperial Palace museum director said, "I take cultural relics" in the Imperial Palace drama version of success is contained in the Imperial Palace Museum artisan spirit public attention and sparked resonance and reflection. The builders are called "Carpenter", because they have some skills, this skill can be through the accumulation of time, hidden in the "Practice makes perfect." skills behind, there is a deeper spiritual connotation. Xiao Han director said that the film version of the release, one hand is to respond to the expectations of the fans, on the other hand is to use their own efforts to make the documentary as a true film type into Chinese film market, let the audience have more choices. Hope that we can once again pay attention to the spirit of the spirit of neglect. The originality of "shock born singer Chen Li poster creation singing the theme song" in the the Imperial Palace film I repair cultural relics "and the show version of the biggest difference is: the new creators added value because of the movie. Liao Qingsong Yao Qian is a music clip as guidance, guidance and words of the theme song for the film, singer Chen particle composed and sang the theme song, the blind pianist Huang Yuxiang, piano, Yan Ren picture photography. In addition, there are a lot of love for the film’s creators are for this movie help, so that the documentary can take a new temperament to the big screen. The opening scene of the 6 "country of ingenuity" poster by the famous poster designer.相关的主题文章: