Business tour Fujian station Yin Yongxuan and Han Yuting had won the first Caiqing hole to win the c-wetnwild

Business tour Fujian station Yin Yongxuan Han Yuting Ceng Caiqing won the first crown hole to win the tour industry in Fujian station Yin Yongxuan Ceng Caiqing won the sina sports China amateur golf tournament in Fujian station in Wuyishan Taiwei scenery golf club over the last round of the game in September 29th. Women’s group, from Taiwan, China, Ceng Caiqing insisted to the end, won the first tour of the industry champion; the men’s team, the Korean national team players in the 6 hole after the game, beat Han Yuting won the championship. The typhoon "catfish" effect in the final round has significantly weakened, the morning when the first group kick-off rain has basically been stopped, but the cool weather is more conducive to play the players. The women’s group, tied for the lead into the final round of the Champions Ceng Caiqing group and Beijing girl Guo Wanyi fierce competition, the opening two holes that grabbed the birdie Ceng Caiqing momentum is more prosperous, the harvest 4 birdies can swallow 6 bogey ball, with 74 strokes to complete the final round, leading 2 bar champion. Guo Wanyi only caught 1 birdie ball, also suffered 3 bogey and 1 Shuangbai bogey ball, shot 76, 5 shots behind regret losing; starting at the second group of Wang Meixing the outstanding performance, with 3 birdies and 2 bogey ball to the end of the game, only the scarlet letter grades the total score and Guo Wanyi tied for second among the same position for the final round of better performance, won the runner up, Guo Wanyi third. Yin Yongxuan plus hole victory over the men’s team won the championship in 1, were the first round of the current round of playing the first round of the ball and the ball of the first half of the 2 bogey, the Shuangbai bogey, with a total of 75 to complete the game of 1. The second round of the second parallel Han Yuting performed better, with 3 birdies and 4 bogey ball, Yongxuan total score and the same Yin, into the sudden death playoff. Hole hole in the hole 18, after the completion of the 2 full hole in the 5, the two people still can not distinguish the outcome. The referee decided on down the middle from the hole cup 150 yards, 100 yards, 50 yards to set service area, after the 3 battle, still failed to decide the championship. The referee will be the sixth playoff game set in the bunker, Han Yuting point far, a push failed to advance, Yin Yongxuan seize the opportunity to advance a hole to win. The same group of tied for second in the champions of Taiwan’s Zhong Chengen +2 to play the score, +10 total score ranked third, second runner up.相关的主题文章: