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By excellent step the merger was refers to engage in price fixing and lower income drivers frequent downtime turnover drops after the merger is excellent step refers to engage in price fixing and lower income drivers are frequent downtime turnover – reporter Liu Sihui drops and yuho (Uber) China (hereinafter referred to as: excellent step) with more than a month, the Ministry of Commerce for the three time in response to whether it involves a monopoly. Business news spokesman Shen Danyang said that at present the excellent combination of step to the Ministry of commerce did not declare. According to the reasons for the decline of the previous response is not to declare the current drops and excellent step China did not achieve profitability, and excellent step China in the last fiscal year turnover did not meet the reporting standards. Did not meet the standards so do not declare." But in the Ministry of Commerce and the legal profession, and must step China drops to declare, director of Beijing Wei’s lawyer Yang Zhaoquan told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, although in accordance with China’s relevant laws, reporting standards need to turnover and other indicators, but drops and yuho China are non-listed company, if the merger or mergers and acquisitions will significantly impede competition in the market, regardless of the amount, must be declared. If there is no declaration, shall not be mergers or acquisitions." According to the IT Research Center Chinese third party data research institutions (CNIT-Research) in the first quarter of this year car market research report released shows that drops with excellent step after the merger, will occupy 93.1% of the market share. No matter how the Ministry of Commerce announced the final results of the review, a month after the merger in two, the passenger side and the driver side are feeling the pressure, passengers said prices in the peak period, even more than the usual price of a taxi, the driver and the driver side subsidies are generally said that no income fell cliff style, ready to "quit, find another way." Drops excellent passenger side price increases? After repeatedly denied in the drops, drops and excellent step eventually announced that the two reached a strategic agreement, the amount of the trip will be better to buy the brand, business, data and other assets in china. Since the merger announced more than a month, many consumers to talk about the most is the price drops and excellent step, with Zhang told the "Securities Daily" reporters Monday morning rush hour, with a bit of express carpool, prices rose 1.4 times, from century village to the Reed building, originally a taxi but about 20 yuan, with a bit express carpool instead also about 29 yuan. Mr. Zhang is the same feeling, a long-term use of yuho taxi Xie lady also said in an interview with reporters, the "Securities Daily", previously used yuho carpooling only 6 yuan to 7 yuan will be able to the unit, now need 9 yuan to 10 yuan. "The price more expensive is less subsidies, before yuho often in a fixed time carpool zero yuan, or release relief campaign news, since August 1st, announced after the merger drops yuho, received excellent promotional messages on the mobile phone step less." Another lady surnamed Qi in the exchange with reporters said, if calculated in accordance with the peak price, drops and excellent step as a direct taxi taxi really cheap. To this end, the Securities Daily reporters contact"相关的主题文章: