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"Call the parents fail the exam in the end to see how learning well as students call their parents, this is perhaps the most embarrassing thing. The day before, School of electronic engineering, Xi’an University of Posts and students in the school who leaked online, inform the students to fail the exam that parents come to school. But then, one student wrote on the Internet, "students are adults, fail the exam called the parents really appropriate?" However, in the street interview, the majority of people have expressed their approval to call parents. A person in charge of the school, said the Institute requires teachers to do a student failing a class to inform the parents of students, but not online, so that forced parents to school. (China Daily) yiyanbuge was called parents, almost all of the students is flawed. The "Nirvana" to control students but the nature perfectly logical and reasonable, greeting students, seems to be neither fish nor fowl. To this, many students have been on the network open vocal opposition, the school also called "emergency response from parents is not mandatory". The former is deeply hurt the dignity, the latter put a pair of well intentioned. From the point of view of public opinion, different age groups, different backgrounds of the various groups, in this matter, the position can be completely different. In fact, similar cases, similar disputes, the public has long been common. College students often claim that "I am an adult, please let me fly", while the elders have repeatedly stressed that your mind is not yet mature, but also need someone to manage and accompany"…… From the legal provisions, the child’s adult, parents no longer have custody, there is no so-called upbringing, parenting and other responsibilities. Thus, full capacity responsible for my own behavior, college students do well in the exam, is not really like and have fail the exam, parents. However, if only the use of legal provisions to understand the reality, it is somewhat paranoid and narrow. After the adult college students, the relationship between them and their parents is no longer the core of "hard legal constraints", but more is maintained by the emotional, ethical factors. A typical example is that the majority of Chinese parents will still pay for their children’s various types of expenses at the university level, although they are no longer subject to the so-called statutory obligation to support. From this point of view, parents pay for their children’s college education, children with reasonable performance and degree in return, is more like a tacit agreement contract "". Then, as the "adult" college students should have the most basic sense of compliance is. So, even if it is already an adult college students, as the investor’s parents, there is still the right to know their results and appropriate intervention. Under this premise, and then evaluate the Xi’an post and telecommunications university called parents move, people will have different views.相关的主题文章: