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Campus loan: "eight" or "no"? Sohu, science and technology recently, the campus is the college students’ consumption loan financial industry facing tighter regulation, the Ministry of education, the CBRC issued the relevant management measures, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places have also introduced local management policy. Which Guangzhou and Chongqing watch industry file random source, the specific provisions of the May eight ban in violation of the strict management and draw a formal illegal border, known as the "eight are not allowed". The content includes not relax on the borrower’s qualification audit obligations, costs and risks, not to hide any form of student loans should know not to minors or limited capacity for civil conduct students to provide lending matching services eight are not allowed to ban. "Eight not" supervision of a heavy industry, suddenly a few happy tears, Hang Campus loan only sell usury "dog" bad business a groaning.after, and informal enterprises engaged in legitimate lending is the campus have applauded. In fact, no wonder regulators smitten, recently, the negative news about the illegal campus loan wins the headlines, has become a hot topic. This year, a number of negative news in the field of campus loans reported by the media. The new campus near the loan has been pushed on the public opinion in the teeth of the storm, some illegal businessmen like a rotten pot soup, led to all sectors of society in the overall impression of the regular campus credit deterioration, consumer finance is difficult to carry out business enterprises encounter misunderstanding. To punish, to correct the phenomenon of bad money drives out good money market failure, the campus loan industry in urgent need of government regulation department of the hand on hand, rectification, bring order out of chaos. In fact, the industry once cleared the illegal usury dross, the consumption of college students will usher in the healthy development of the financial industry over the spring, the negative public opinion will also haze do scattered, because the product logic of this industry itself is not the problem, the demand is real, innovative and effective supply. Chinese tens of millions of college students, there is a huge consumer demand, some students need student loans to complete their studies, students need to learn some goods loan to buy a computer mobile phone based learning tools, some students because of family tragedies or personal accident and needed urgent capital. The industry generally estimated that the size of the campus consumer financial market can reach hundreds of billions of yuan, is undoubtedly a new blue ocean of China’s economic growth is looking for a new growth point, the need for innovation and entrepreneurial efforts to develop. With the rapid development of Internet financial Chinese, many in the loan market to develop the campus blue ocean innovative companies, including Alibaba ant gold suit flower chanting and Jingdong financial legal ious campus campus loan products, the use of financial technology (Fintech) power, found the campus individual financial needs, innovative big data lending, build smart the financial platform, is a consumer finance with innovative bright, meet the national consumer finance and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship double policy. After all, the "eight no" regulatory policy is not terrible, aiming for the long-term, the legal practice of financial technology campus credit enterprise, in order to achieve the sustainable development of the industry to a healthy ecological environment, "wish" come early regulatory policy!相关的主题文章: