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Canada for elderly Chinese China pension confusion in the scene the police dispersed the Sohu news paper, international Sohu Zhang Mengyuan local time on February 21st, according to "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the Chinese consulate in Toronto for the first time for retirees to receive Chinese pension eligibility audit procedures, to attract a large number of elderly people to the scene, but the scene of confusion, "almost out of control." the local police officers to maintain order, deploy, and ahead of the end of service. In Canada edengene, large number of elderly pension for China scenes of chaos, the local police officers to maintain order, "Sing Tao Daily" site source: "Sing Tao Daily for the first activity in the Ontario province of Canada Markham Metropolitan Plaza two floor TCCSA Office of the party organization, to gather in the corridor the elderly issued number No. more than 200 soon after school. According to "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the number of elderly people unable to get some emotional irritability, in an attempt to broke into the venue, the scene of chaos. In addition to the consulate and the 2 rush outside, only TCCSA director He Wei can and 2 female staff to maintain order. Because of concerns about the accident, the staff alarm, the local York district police have sent more than 10 police officers three times to the scene to maintain order. After the police found the situation out of control, they announced the immediate suspension of the event and asked the crowd to leave. Originally planned 3 hours of processing activities had to be finished 2 hours ahead of schedule. A large number of elderly people gathered in the corridor, "Sing Tao Daily" according to "Ming Pao" reports, on-site shopping malls inside and outside the number of Chinese receive pension for the elderly is quite large, the temperature is very high, "it may touch the fire alarm". A female consul explained the situation to the crowd at the door, and did not expect so many people to come, "a face of anxiety and helplessness."". In February 24th, the Consulate General of China in Toronto issued a notice on its official website, the group will continue to apply for pension audit certificates in February 28th in Mississauga, but due to limited space, to ensure good service and orderly environment, for the elderly in advance telephone booking. According to the August 2015 edition of the people’s Daily Overseas Edition, it is not a new policy for foreign Chinese to receive domestic pension and enjoy equal treatment with domestic retirees. It has been implemented for more than 30 years. Overseas parties (including Chinese citizens and foreign nationals), whether or not joining foreign nationality, can receive the assistance of Chinese Consul in obtaining pension in china. In other words, Chinese overseas consular according to the application of the parties, immediately issued its "free pension qualification form in overseas personnel living" (hereinafter referred to as "audit table"), so they used as living documents, and to China mainland pension pension linked units. For the pension audit procedures field source: "Sing Tao Daily   in July 1, 2015, our overseas residential staff pension on the implementation of the new regulations, to further simplify the application procedures, no need to submit proof of retirement. Previously, pensioners who live outside China need to fill in the "living confirmation form" every year, and now the audit form replaces the old one. 加拿大老年华人争领中国养老金 现场混乱警方驱散-搜狐新闻  文|搜狐国际 张梦圆   当地时间2月21日,据《星岛日报》报道,中国驻多伦多领事馆首次为离退休人员办理领取中国养老金资格审核手续,吸引大批老年人到场,但现场出现混乱情况,“几近失控”,当地警方调派警员维持秩序,并提前结束办理服务。 在加拿大安锦市,大批老年人争领中国养老金场面混乱,当地警方派警员维持秩序 来源:《星岛日报》 现场情况 来源:《星岛日报》   首场办理活动在加拿大安大略省万锦市大都会广场二楼的多华会办公室进行,组织方给走廊里聚集的老年人发放号码,200多号很快派完。据《星岛日报》报道,一些未能拿到号码的老年人出现烦躁情绪,企图强行冲进会场,场面混乱。   而现场除了中领馆2位办证人员外,只有多华会总监何伟能和2位女职员协助维持秩序。由于担心发生意外,工作人员报警,当地约克区警方先后三次共派出十多名警员到场维持秩序。警方发现事态无法控制后,宣布立即中止活动,并要求人群离开。原计划3小时的办理活动不得不提前2小时结束。 走廊里大批老年人聚集 来源:《星岛日报》   另据《明报》报道,现场商场内外领取中国养老金的老人数量相当大,现场温度很高,“可能因此触动火警警报”。一位女领事向挤在门口的人们说明情况,没有想到有这么多人赶来,“一脸焦虑和无奈”。   2月24日,中国驻多伦多总领馆在其官方网站上发布通知,证件组将在2月28日密西沙加市继续办理养老金审核,但“因场地所限,保证良好的服务和有序环境”,办理的老年人需提前电话预约。   根据《人民日报?海外版》2015年8月的整理,外籍华人领取国内退休金、享受与国内退休人员同等待遇的政策并非新策,已经施行30多年。海外当事人(包括中国公民和外籍人士)无论是否加入外国国籍,在领取中国境内养老金方面均可获得中国领事的协助。换句话说,中国领事根据海外当事人的申请,可即时免费为其出具“在境外居住人员领取养老金资格审核表”(下称“审核表”),以便他们用作健在的凭证,自行与中国内地养老金发放单位联系领取养老金。 办理领取养老金审核手续现场 来源:《星岛日报》    2015年7月1日,我国在境外居住人员领取养老金方面实行新规,进一步简化申请手续,无须再提交离退休证明。此前在中国境外居住的领养老金人员每年都需要填写“健在确认表”,如今“审核表”代替旧表,旧表中“离退休地或单位”一栏改为“领取养老金部门”,解决国内很多单位已不存在的问题。相关的主题文章: