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Containing more than 10 people in the elevator suddenly fall nearly 20 property no one answered the phone – Sohu News Chinese daily news (reporter Li Xiaobo) yesterday afternoon, Xi’an Dongguan Street building C block, an elevator with more than and 10 people suddenly fall nearly 20, the property was no one answered the phone, fire personnel arrived after trapped rescued, was admitted on duty on property. At 12:10 yesterday, Xu, in the world trade center, C block 22 Office of Mr. Liu and his colleagues out of the elevator, we have a few girls into the elevator, and we work in the office, we all know." Liu said, after the elevator door closed, more than ten people talking and laughing, the elevator should be a layer of the car door suddenly opened, and then suddenly shut down, then fell down." Liu said, the whole process less than 10 seconds, we are scared, and quickly call the property phone, but no one answered." Trapped more than and 20 minutes later, firefighters will open the car door, "we found that dropped to 1 layer and 1 layer negative middle position." Mr. Liu said. Yesterday afternoon 2 am, Mr. Liu and his colleagues on behalf of the trapped elevator colleagues find property to say. "At that time, a few girls have been scared out of line, there is a girl tightly pinched my arm, because the time is a bit long, the girl also had difficulty breathing." Jia told the China Daily reporter said, these two elevators are always out of order, reflecting the number of times or so, it is necessary to wait for a major event to know fear?" Yesterday afternoon, China Daily reporter saw the building C, two elevators, elevator malfunction on the east side has been discontinued, the normal use of the elevator into the west, total 26 storey, posted a "elevator use the logo" copy shows the next inspection date for May 2017, manufacturing units column is the "Xi’an standard Elevator Co. Ltd (transformation)". Responsible for the WTC hongin property responsible person surnamed Zhang said, because the incident at noon, do not rule out the duty of dining out or other reasons, "we have asked the investigation, no matter what the reasons are to give the owner a replacement." Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter to the identity of the owners call the safe operation of the monitoring center of special equipment in Xi’an city 24 hours emergency rescue call 96333 reflect a lift elevator fault happened, customer service staff responded that, through contact with the maintenance staff confirmed that the next inspection elevator for April 2017, maintenance staff has informed the staff to buy property damaged parts. Subsequently, the China Daily reporter to the identity of the owners still call 12365 to the Xi’an Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau complaints, customer service staff said after the registration information, will immediately arrange for the relevant offices for investigation.相关的主题文章: