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Carsem group: employment data will prompt the fed to raise interest rates in November do clients view the latest market voting and non voting members of the Fed’s recent comments are more hawkish, thus continue to support the possibility of raising interest rates in November. Although in view of the Fed’s November meeting sixth days after the US presidential election is an important risk event, the possibility of interest rate is still very low, but some Fed officials insist that the recent increases in interest rates has full rationality and possibility. This refers to the recent is November, December or early next year is still to be verified, and the specific time plus interest mainly depends on future economic data released several times before the meeting, one of the most interesting is this Friday September payrolls report. In addition to the recent number of fed spokesman debut, before the end of this year, it is necessary and possible to raise interest rates, the recent release of U.S. economic data also provide strong support for the interest rate hike. Over the past week, a series of positive economic data to drive the dollar up sharply, gold fell sharply. The most prominent of these positive data is: last week ISM manufacturing and non manufacturing (service industry) PMI, last week after the 2 quarter GDP final value over the past three weeks, U.S. initial jobless claims. All these data are significantly better than expected, indicating that the U.S. economy continues to strengthen, which also supports the Fed’s recent interest rate hike. As usual, Friday’s payrolls report will become one of the most critical factors affecting the Fed’s monetary policy trajectory, especially the non farm will be related to the December and two FOMC conference in November. On the eve of the release of the key report, the current federal funds futures market included in November interest rate increase is only about 15% of the implicit rate, while the probability of interest rate hike in December is still higher than 60%. Of course, according to Friday’s employment report different results, the probability of possible changes, thus affecting the recent hurricane, but won the support of consolidation in the mode of the stock market, especially the trend of gold assets plummeted. Although employment growth in August was less than expected, reported at 151 thousand, in the past three months, the overall report shows that the United States continued to rise employment. The data were particularly strong in June and in July, with revised values of 292 thousand and 275 thousand, respectively. Janet, chairman of the Federal Reserve – after the September FOMC meeting in the United States to recognize the overall trend of the overall improvement in the labor market, but she also said that the Federal Reserve would like to see the job market in the inflation rose while continuing to strengthen the. Obviously, such as Friday’s data better than expected, the recent wave of positive U.S. economic data continued momentum, the possibility of raising interest rates will significantly rise, even as the current slim chance to raise interest rates in November significantly overweight. Under this scenario, the dollar will further push up, gold continued to pressure, the stock market pressure to a certain extent. But if the data fell unexpectedly, the dollar should fall sharply, gold rebound. The mainstream is expected to be released on Friday with an average hourly wage and unemployment rate of about 170 thousand jobs in September. In September the unemployment rate was 4.9%, the average hourly wage growth of 0.2% (last month, 0.1%). Wednesday’s ADP employment report is relatively strong, but slightly lower than expected, showing an increase in employment in September 154 thousand passengers, is expected to be about 166 thousand people. In addition, August A.相关的主题文章: