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Carve up the public green space     circle built private garden (exposure) – Society – People’s network of public green tiles are placed into a private hospital. Residential tenants in enclosure. One household destroyed public green space, expanding their own site". Last year your readers’ letter has come up with multi period layout discussion of property management problems, people grief. Now in some places the "thunder" over the old management problem is not solved, new problems and breeding. Recently, Hubei Wuhan City, some moved to new residential tenants, destroying public green accounted for private wind intensified. Some of the first floor tenants destroyed green, stainless steel fence surrounded the private courtyard, an attempt to permanently occupy; some in the public green space built on the kennel coop, the dogs barking crowing…… Is located in Wuhan City, general road won the "Hubei province model community" Wuhan civilization model community "general Jieyuan, D District 8, 9, 10 unit on the first floor and the floor behind the large public green divide, some public green circle into private homes, there are security fence. To stop, a man said: "mind your own business, be careful!" There are people who say, "do not understand the national conditions". Property management regulations expressly provides: Property Management in accordance with the planning and construction of public buildings and shared facilities, shall not change the use of. Without changing the property management area planning and construction of public buildings and public facilities in accordance with the purposes, not only should the deadline restitution, the personal behavior at more than 1000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan fine, the unit behavior at more than 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan fine. I hope Wuhan city departments attach great importance to this issue, this regulation according to the residents of the area to destroy the green practices of the private accounts. Hubei Wuhan city   Wang Dajian   Zhao Xiaofang   residential area of public land by individual households by readers of exposure, there are many places in the country, letters from readers have exposed light. Public land is a part of residential property, which belongs to all owners of the district. The individual owner occupied public property, residential green space into a private garden, and this theft is? It not only violated the legitimate rights and interests of the owners, but also destroyed the landscape and planning of the District, it is illegal. This problem is intensified in some places, and property and government regulators difficult as, not as relevant. Because it is difficult to act as a result, making the illegal land more unscrupulous, broken window effect will also be born. This not be vertical, wind is not long. Look forward to the relevant departments in accordance with the law to fulfill regulatory responsibilities, residential owners should also act to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Taiwan     "people’s Daily" (November 22, 2016 20 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: