Catalonia independence referendum or will be staged forcibly 云海翻腾孙悟空大结局

Catalonia: independent referendum or will force staged Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Remittance network September 29th hearing – on Wednesday (September 28th), Spain’s Catalonia District President Pdemo (Carles Puigdemont) said that whether the Spanish government agreed or not, Catalonia will hold an independent referendum in 2017. Pdemo told the Catalonia parliament that he would like to discuss the conditions for independence referendum with the Spanish government. Even if the Spanish Central Government disagreed, Catalonia would also hold an independent referendum on its own in September 2017. And the Spanish government has been firmly opposed to an independent referendum in Catalonia, the northeastern part of the country.   in August, the Spanish constitutional court abolished the parliamentary resolution of the referendum on independence in Catalonia, which intensified the stalemate between the separatists in the region and the ruling central right people’s Party (PP). Pdemo told parliament that the current consensus on an idealized model is a referendum on whether Catalonia is independent. The form and time of referendum can be determined by further consultation. However, if the Spanish government does not respond positively to the end of next July, the Catalonia metropolitan region will prepare for a final battle and will hold a referendum in the second week of September 2017. Since Spain’s major parties failed to break the deadlock of anarchy in Spain, about 48% of the Catalonia people supported referendum on independence in July, while the recent supporters showed a further upward trend. In January the chairman of Catalonia region Pdemo said, by the end of July 2017, Catalonia’s parliament will approve all the independent countries need the law, then, 18 months during the transition period of planned Catalonia’s direction and blueprint will be finished.   on Thursday (September 28th), Pdemo will face a vote of confidence in his government to test whether it can get the support of a very left political party in the region, which vetoed a local budget in June. Pdemo expects the vote to go through smoothly. As Catalonia’s economic output accounts for about 15 of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s prime minister, Rajoy, refused to consider any possible measures to promote the legitimate referendum in Catalonia. In July, Mr Rajoy’s government said that due to Catalonia’s parliament speaker to allow lawmakers to vote to support a referendum on independence, will seek criminal charges of criminal prosecution. Mr Rajoy’s government policy has favorable anti regionalism, Longjiang relationship between other Conservative Party Central Government of Catalonia, the country’s other fissiparous regions, but also ready to start again, especially in the northern part of the country in the Basque area. Previously, Basque people often resort to violent means to express their independence, although, in the past on the previous 加泰罗尼亚:独立公投或将强行上演 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   汇通网9月29日讯――周三(9月28日),西班牙加泰罗尼亚大区主席普德摩(Carles Puigdemont)表示,无论西班牙政府同意与否,加泰罗尼亚将于2017年举行独立公投。   普德摩告诉加泰罗尼亚议会表示,愿意与西班牙政府讨论独立公投的条件,即使西班牙中央政府不同意,加泰罗尼亚地区也将于2017年9月自行举行独立公投。而一直以来,西班牙政府都坚定反对在该国东北部的加泰罗尼亚举行独立公投。     8月,西班牙宪法法院废止加泰罗尼亚推行独立公投的议会决议,由此激化了该地区分裂分子和执政党中右翼人民党(PP)之间的僵持局面。   普德摩向议会表示,当前对于理想化模式的所达成的共识是,就加泰罗尼亚是否独立举行全民公投。而公投的形式和时间,则可以通过进一步的协商来确定。但如果截止明年7月,西班牙政府并未对此作出积极回应,加泰罗尼亚大区则将准备作出最后一搏,并将于2017年9月的第二周举行全民公投。   由于西班牙国内各大党派未能打破西班牙无政府状态的僵局,大约48%的加泰罗尼亚民众在7月的民意调查中支持独立公投,而近期支持者则呈现进一步上涨趋势。   1月上任的加泰罗尼亚大区主席普德摩,表示截止2017年7月底,加泰罗尼亚议会将批准所有独立国家所需的法律,届时,加泰罗尼亚大区所计划的18个月过渡时期的大致方向和蓝图也将杀青。     周四(9月28日),普德摩还将面临一次对其政府的信任性投票,以此来检测是否还能够获得该地区的一个极左政党的支持,该党曾在6月否决了当地一份财政预算案。普德摩预计此次投票将顺利通过。   由于加泰罗尼亚经济产出占据西班牙的近1 5左右,西班牙代理总理拉霍伊(Mariano Rajoy)拒绝考虑任何可能推进加泰罗尼亚合法的全民公投的措施。7月,拉霍伊政府表示,因加泰罗尼亚议会议长允许立法议员投票支持独立公投,将寻求对其提起刑事诉讼刑事指控。   拉霍伊政府一致反地域主义政策,已经弄僵了中央政府加泰罗尼亚的其他保守派政党之间的关系,该国其他有分裂倾向的地区,也再度开始蠢蠢欲动,特别该国北部的巴斯克地区。此前,巴斯克人常常诉诸暴力手段来表述其独立诉求,虽然,在得到了过去历届中央政府的安抚之后,其诉求激进程度已有所下降。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: