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Catalonia independence referendum or will be staged forcibly 云海翻腾孙悟空大结局

Catalonia: independent referendum or will force staged Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Remittance network September 29th hearing – on Wednesday (September 28th), Spain’s Catalonia District President Pdemo (Carles Puigdemont) said that whether the Spanish government agreed or not, Catalonia will hold an independent referendum in 2017. Pdemo told the Catalonia parliament that he would like to discuss the conditions for independence referendum with the Spanish government. Even if the Spanish Central Government disagreed, Catalonia would also hold an independent referendum on its own in September 2017. And the Spanish government has been firmly opposed to an independent referendum in Catalonia, the northeastern part of the country.   in August, the Spanish constitutional court abolished the parliamentary resolution of the referendum on independence in Catalonia, which intensified the stalemate between the separatists in the region and the ruling central right people’s Party (PP). Pdemo told parliament that the current consensus on an idealized model is a referendum on whether Catalonia is independent. The form and time of referendum can be determined by further consultation. However, if the Spanish government does not respond positively to the end of next July, the Catalonia metropolitan region will prepare for a final battle and will hold a referendum in the second week of September 2017. Since Spain’s major parties failed to break the deadlock of anarchy in Spain, about 48% of the Catalonia people supported referendum on independence in July, while the recent supporters showed a further upward trend. In January the chairman of Catalonia region Pdemo said, by the end of July 2017, Catalonia’s parliament will approve all the independent countries need the law, then, 18 months during the transition period of planned Catalonia’s direction and blueprint will be finished.   on Thursday (September 28th), Pdemo will face a vote of confidence in his government to test whether it can get the support of a very left political party in the region, which vetoed a local budget in June. Pdemo expects the vote to go through smoothly. As Catalonia’s economic output accounts for about 15 of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s prime minister, Rajoy, refused to consider any possible measures to promote the legitimate referendum in Catalonia. In July, Mr Rajoy’s government said that due to Catalonia’s parliament speaker to allow lawmakers to vote to support a referendum on independence, will seek criminal charges of criminal prosecution. Mr Rajoy’s government policy has favorable anti regionalism, Longjiang relationship between other Conservative Party Central Government of Catalonia, the country’s other fissiparous regions, but also ready to start again, especially in the northern part of the country in the Basque area. Previously, Basque people often resort to violent means to express their independence, although, in the past on the previous 加泰罗尼亚:独立公投或将强行上演 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   汇通网9月29日讯――周三(9月28日),西班牙加泰罗尼亚大区主席普德摩(Carles Puigdemont)表示,无论西班牙政府同意与否,加泰罗尼亚将于2017年举行独立公投。   普德摩告诉加泰罗尼亚议会表示,愿意与西班牙政府讨论独立公投的条件,即使西班牙中央政府不同意,加泰罗尼亚地区也将于2017年9月自行举行独立公投。而一直以来,西班牙政府都坚定反对在该国东北部的加泰罗尼亚举行独立公投。     8月,西班牙宪法法院废止加泰罗尼亚推行独立公投的议会决议,由此激化了该地区分裂分子和执政党中右翼人民党(PP)之间的僵持局面。   普德摩向议会表示,当前对于理想化模式的所达成的共识是,就加泰罗尼亚是否独立举行全民公投。而公投的形式和时间,则可以通过进一步的协商来确定。但如果截止明年7月,西班牙政府并未对此作出积极回应,加泰罗尼亚大区则将准备作出最后一搏,并将于2017年9月的第二周举行全民公投。   由于西班牙国内各大党派未能打破西班牙无政府状态的僵局,大约48%的加泰罗尼亚民众在7月的民意调查中支持独立公投,而近期支持者则呈现进一步上涨趋势。   1月上任的加泰罗尼亚大区主席普德摩,表示截止2017年7月底,加泰罗尼亚议会将批准所有独立国家所需的法律,届时,加泰罗尼亚大区所计划的18个月过渡时期的大致方向和蓝图也将杀青。     周四(9月28日),普德摩还将面临一次对其政府的信任性投票,以此来检测是否还能够获得该地区的一个极左政党的支持,该党曾在6月否决了当地一份财政预算案。普德摩预计此次投票将顺利通过。   由于加泰罗尼亚经济产出占据西班牙的近1 5左右,西班牙代理总理拉霍伊(Mariano Rajoy)拒绝考虑任何可能推进加泰罗尼亚合法的全民公投的措施。7月,拉霍伊政府表示,因加泰罗尼亚议会议长允许立法议员投票支持独立公投,将寻求对其提起刑事诉讼刑事指控。   拉霍伊政府一致反地域主义政策,已经弄僵了中央政府加泰罗尼亚的其他保守派政党之间的关系,该国其他有分裂倾向的地区,也再度开始蠢蠢欲动,特别该国北部的巴斯克地区。此前,巴斯克人常常诉诸暴力手段来表述其独立诉求,虽然,在得到了过去历届中央政府的安抚之后,其诉求激进程度已有所下降。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Interactive entertainment fun overseas football operation Super Girls debut in La Liga 如锦分集剧情介绍

Interactive entertainment "fun" overseas operation of Super Girls football debut La Liga hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: the most profitable investors in each reporter Zhou Heng yesterday (February 1st) at Real Madrid 6 to 0 kuangtu Espanyol the Spaniard, who appeared chest advertising "Super Girls" brighten. Super Girls landed in La Liga, behind the interactive entertainment (300043, closing price of 15.80 yuan) operation. In November 3, 2015, interactive entertainment made the announcement that intends to 64 million 348 thousand euros (about 450 million yuan) acquisition and replenishment of the Spaniards, after the completion of the acquisition of the total shareholding of more than 50.1%. In January 21st, the interactive entertainment announcement said that the total shares of Spaniards had been controlled to 53.60%, and Chen Yansheng and Lu Zuilan also entered the Spanish board of directors. The interactive entertainment card on behalf of Huang Wensheng to the "daily economic news" reporter said, the company has a special team to the Spanish club operation business development, mango TV sponsorship is just one of them, the Spanish club and more around the future advertising sponsorship, sports tourism and players exchange of domestic and international cooperation. After the completion of the acquisition, the Spaniards will be included in the scope of interactive entertainment consolidated statements. For the future profits of the Spaniards, interactive entertainment is also full of confidence, said the total amount of the interactive entertainment business in the future two years net profit will exceed 20 million euros. However, in the last two years, the Spaniards lost 111 thousand euros and 365 thousand euros respectively, and the asset liability ratio was above 90%. Key Road Sports Consulting Co. Ltd. CEO Zhang believes that the Spanish club is not rich, high visibility in the domestic, in order to short-term profitability, mainly depends on the European local income, "the short-term breakthrough is unlikely." Super Girls unveiled the Spanish Liga away to Real Madrid without any accident, C Ronaldo goal crazy hat trick, Real Madrid 6 to 0 kuangtu spain. In this field there is no suspense in the game, a lot of Chinese fans, game highlights is "Super Girls" and "Mango TV" appeared in the Spanish gold advertising chest. This is undoubtedly the domestic enterprises used in the foreign League in marketing, although the Spanish is not high degree of concern, but Real Madrid are a huge group of fans in Chinese, advertising effect should be good. The Spaniard and mango TV did not disclose the amount of cooperation, but the sponsorship amount of Real Madrid chest advertising for 30 million euros in the 60 game of the year calculated in accordance with the team, every game value is 500 thousand euro. With the Real Madrid on the same stage, the Spanish competition, chest advertising sponsorship fee should also be valuable. In Zhang Qing view, the domestic capital in the overseas team, the media value realization is the most direct means, through the introduction of domestic exposure is most likely to sponsor, short-term profit." In 2015 November, announced the acquisition of interactive entertainment.

互动娱乐“玩转”海外足球运作 超级女声亮相西甲 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ◎每经记者 周恒   昨日(2月1日)凌晨皇马6比0狂屠西班牙人的比赛中,西班牙人胸前广告位出现的“超级女声”让人眼前一亮。超级女声登陆西甲赛场,背后是互动娱乐(300043,收盘价15.80元)的运作。   2015年11月3日,互动娱乐发公告称,拟以6434.8万欧元(约4.5亿元人民币)收购并增资西班牙人,收购完成后持股合计超过50.1%。1月21日,互动娱乐公告称,已控制西班牙人股份合计达到53.60%,陈雁升、卢醉兰等人也进入西班牙人董事会。   互动娱乐证代黄文胜向《每日经济新闻》记者表示,公司有专门的团队运作西班牙人俱乐部商务开发,芒果TV赞助只是其中一个,将来围绕西班牙人俱乐部还有更多的广告赞助、体育旅游和球员交流等国内外合作。   收购完成后,西班牙人将被纳入互动娱乐合并报表范围。对于西班牙人未来的盈利问题,互动娱乐也是信心满满,互动娱乐表示该业务未来两年净利润总额将超过2000万欧元。不过,最近两年,西班牙人分别亏损了11.1万欧元和36.5万欧元,资产负债率也均在九成以上。   关键之道体育咨询有限公司CEO张庆认为,西班牙人俱乐部并非豪门,在国内知名度不高,要想短期扭亏为盈,主要还要看欧洲本地收入,“国内短期突破可能性不大。”   超级女声亮相西甲    西班牙人客场挑战皇家马德里的比赛没有任何意外,C罗疯狂进球上演帽子戏法,皇马6比0狂屠西班牙人。在这场毫无悬念的比赛中,对不少中国球迷来说,比赛亮点是“超级女声”和“芒果TV”亮相西班牙人胸前黄金广告位。   这无疑又是国内企业在国外顶级联赛中惯用的营销方式,虽然西班牙人受关注度并不高,但是皇马在中国有巨大的球迷群体,广告效果应该不错。西班牙人和芒果TV并未透露合作金额,不过皇马胸前广告的赞助金额为3000万欧元 年,按照该队每年进行60场比赛计算,每场比赛价值为50万欧元。和皇马同台竞技,西班牙人此场比赛胸前广告位赞助费也应价值不菲。   在张庆看来,国内资本入主国外球队后,媒介价值变现是最直接手段,“通过曝光引入国内赞助商,是短期最容易赚钱的手段。”   2015年11月份,互动娱乐宣布收购西班牙人,目前已经对西班牙人实现了控股。黄文胜接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时并未透露和芒果TV合作的具体金额和细节,“我们有专门的团队负责这个事情,芒果TV也不是第一个合作对象,收购还没有完成时,我们已经开始参与西班牙人商务运营,接下来我们还会介绍国内的资源到西班牙人,可能会有广告赞助、体育旅游、国内球员到国外和国外球员到国内等合作。”   运作国内品牌亮相西甲只是互动娱乐收购西班牙人规划的一部分,他们还有更大野心。互动娱乐表示,公司通过布局世界顶级的体育赛事资源,撬动体育产业的巨大价值和空间,开启体育“产业+投资”战略,构建互动娱乐体育产业的全产业生态体系,同时推动公司的游戏、玩具、影视产业和体育产业的深度融合。   专业团队建设存挑战    互动娱乐收购西班牙人完成后,后者将被纳入上市公司合并报表范围。对于互动娱乐来说,西班牙人的盈利问题至关重要。   首次宣布收购时,互动娱乐信心满满地表示,公司将利用西班牙人的资源全面介入体育市场,未来2年该项业务的净利预测分别为957万欧元和1202欧元。不过,最近两年,西班牙人分别亏损了11.1万欧元和36.5万欧元,资产负债率也均在九成以上。   在张庆看来,除了德甲和部分豪门外,其实很多欧洲五大联赛俱乐部存在盈利能力弱、影响力不大等先天不足,即使中国资本进入,短期扭亏为盈也不现实,“国内这一块可以围绕输出球员,再围绕球员开发这一块做文章,但是这需要时间,短期取得大突破不现实,被收购的俱乐部能否扭亏,关键还要看他们所处的欧洲市场。”   黄文胜向记者表示,西班牙人资本经营情况不错,目前也仅仅是微亏,接下来西甲足球转播分成改革方案落实后,俱乐部自身营收会得到大幅改善。   据了解,西甲各俱乐部电视版权目前是各自分销,巴萨、皇马两大豪门和其他俱乐部之间贫富差距大。以2014年赛季为例,巴萨和皇马的电视转播权收入达到1.4亿欧元,而下游俱乐部仅有1800万欧元的电视转播收入。根据新的改革方案,从2016年开始,西甲将效仿英超将电视转播权整体出售,电视转播费将较以往更为平均地分给20只球队,其他球队和皇马、巴萨的版权收入差距将缩小。   对于互动娱乐来说,收购西班牙人也面临业务整合风险。西班牙人作为一家境外公司,主要资产和业务集中在西班牙,互动娱乐在收购和整合过程中存在人员磨合问题。在张庆看来,西班牙人欧洲市场的开发还要靠原来的欧洲团队,国内市场的开发需要互动娱乐打造一支专业的团队,“专业团队建设对他们来说也是一个挑战。”   另外,国内市场开发方面,并非豪门的西班牙人并不占优,因为皇马、巴萨、曼联等豪门对国内市场早已虎视眈眈。“相比其他豪门,西班牙人影响力并不大,他们的优势是国内资本控股,决策上会相对灵活一些。”张庆表示。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Apple pay’s first day tens of thousands of cards tied every minute 旅行者阿豆

The first day of Apple Pay: every minute to tens of thousands of card for the Apple Corp in the field of payment in pursuit of "streamlining" and "convenient", there are users that "buy ten yuan ten yuan" preferential more simple and crude, it is down to earth the China extension Wu Fengheng Liu Jia Li Deshang Yu Li Na "I have a mobile phone area into the United States, in the United States Group for a meal." Yesterday, ApplePay in Chinese line on the first day, the mechanism of partial Apple Corp to take push, gradually opening the user’s ApplePay function, can not become the first user "apple powder" Zhang Xiaoping (a pseudonym) by modifying the mobile phone set around the area, Apple Corp limited, bind bank card after the success of "early adopters". ApplePay is a mobile payment service launched by Apple Corp in October 2014. It is a mobile payment function based on NFC (near field communication) technology. As long as the user binds the bank card in the apple application Wallet, it can get offline and online payment services. Some media reports said, ApplePay 5 hours yesterday after the line, the number of bank cards, credit cards per minute to 80 thousand. ApplePay pay more than Alipay or WeChat is much more simple, in the case of a mobile phone not wake up, double-click the Home button two times will pop up the default bank card can pay by fingerprint identification. Online, Alipay, WeChat and ApplePay have similar payment experience, but it is more convenient. In fact, Apple Corp CEO Cook spent more than 16 months to persuade China UnionPay to agree to cooperate, but the share of the two sides remained confidential. For apple, the on-line ApplePay, the world’s most profitable mobile phone companies extend their business to the same very profitable financial payments, and together with China UnionPay wallet to Alipay and WeChat officially paid "war". ApplePay hit "convenient card", confirmed by Apple Corp and China UnionPay, ApplePay business was formally launched at 5:00 a.m. on February 18th." Like the Guangdong Development Bank, many banks released the news ahead of time. According to the official website of apple, ApplePay’s first batch of cooperative banks, including five companies, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China Merchants Bank and other 10 shares of the bank, as well as Beijing bank, Shanghai bank and other 4 city commercial banks, 19. Banks seem to be very willing to cooperate with ApplePay, not only to publicize themselves as "the first batch of cooperative banks", but also introduced a number of preferential measures to use ApplePay payment. For example, China Bank launched the first consumer to send 15000 arbitrary points "," monthly consumption of 100 yuan cash back 15 yuan "measures; Guangdong Development Bank has 10 yuan cash back", "50 percent off designated merchants" preferential. As an indispensable part of ApplePay payment, the bank opened up the user wallet, and offline businesses and online APP service providers to build ApplePay payment scenarios. At present, apart from KFC, McDonald’s, 711 convenience stores and other offline businesses,, Dangdang, Ben)

Apple Pay的第一天:每分钟绑卡数万张   对于苹果公司在支付领域追求的“精简”和“便捷”,有用户认为“买十元减十元”等优惠更“简单粗暴”,才是接地气的中国式推广   吴丰恒 刘佳 李德尚玉 李娜   “我把手机地区改成了美国,在美团上订了个餐。”昨日,ApplePay在中国上线第一天,苹果公司采取了分批推送的机制,逐步开通用户的ApplePay功能,没能成为首批用户的“苹果粉”张小平(化名)通过修改手机地区设置,绕过了苹果公司的限制,绑定银行卡后成功“尝鲜”。   ApplePay是苹果公司于2014年10月推出的移动支付服务,是一种基于NFC(近场通信)技术的手机支付功能,用户只要在苹果应用Wallet内绑定银行卡,就能获得线下和线上支付的服务。有媒体报道称,ApplePay昨天5时上线后,每分钟绑定银行卡、信用卡的数量达到8万张。   ApplePay的支付比支付宝或微信简单得多,在未唤醒手机的情况下,连按两次Home键就会弹出默认的银行卡,通过指纹识别便可支付。在线上,ApplePay拥有和支付宝、微信等相近的支付体验,但用起来更便捷。   事实上,苹果公司CEO库克花了超过16个月,才说服中国银联同意合作,但双方的分成比例仍对外保密。对于苹果而言,通过上线ApplePay,这家全球最赚钱的手机公司将业务延伸到了同样很赚钱的金融支付领域,并与银联一同向支付宝钱包和微信支付正式“开战”。   ApplePay打“便捷牌”   “经苹果公司、中国银联共同确认,ApplePay业务于2月18日凌晨5:00正式上线。”与广发银行一样提前发布这一消息的银行很多。根据苹果官方网站,ApplePay的首批合作银行共19家,包括五大行,浦发、招行等10家股份行,以及北京银行、上海银行等4家城商行。   银行们似乎都非常愿意与ApplePay合作,不仅卖力宣传自己是“首批合作银行”,还推出了不少使用ApplePay支付的优惠措施。例如,中国银行推出了“首笔任意消费送15000积分”、“当月消费100元返现15元”的措施;广发银行则有“10元返现”、“指定商户5折”等优惠。   作为ApplePay支付必不可少的环节,银行打通了用户钱包,而线下商家和线上APP服务商则构建起ApplePay的支付场景。目前,除了肯德基、麦当劳、711便利店等线下商家外,唯品会、当当网、本来生活、神州专车、大众点评、微票儿等线上应用也都支持ApplePay。   上述支持ApplePay的热门APP都为ApplePay增添了接口,可以说,ApplePay一上线就获得了和支付宝和微信支付同等的地位。有一点不同是,当苹果用户使用ApplePay进行支付时,无须进行一次APP间的跳转。   相对于开展线上第三方支付的其他APP平台,硬件厂商出身的苹果公司,其商业模式中放弃了跳转导引流量一环,通过精简用户支付步骤提升体验。苹果在解释ApplePay线下支付流程时,也表示其追求的是“精简”和“便捷”。   一般情况下,用户在超市购物后,若用支付宝和微信进行支付,首先需要唤醒手机,并打开应用进入支付页面,再生成二维码供商家扫取;而使用ApplePay则更为简单,只需连按两次Home键就会弹出默认的银行卡,再将手机靠近支付终端,通过指纹识别便可支付。   实际上,作为ApplePay核心的NFC近场通信技术,早在数年前已应用成熟,中国的电信运营商也曾推出支持NFC刷卡的SIM卡。不过,手机厂商、运营商对于NFC方案选取不一致所造成的内耗,阻碍了NFC支付规模推广到智能手机。   ApplePay的出现,并非苹果发明了新技术,而是再次证明,通过行业领袖级公司的带动引领,新技术将更快以产品形态规模投放。ApplePay改变的,不仅是第三方支付在线下、线上又一次升级,同时改变的是智能手机厂商在开展移动支付上的长期停滞。   ApplePay在中国内地上线后,昨日下午,智能手机品牌三星手机也宣布,其NFC移动支付服务“三星智付”SamsungPay将于2月24日上线。   能否从支付宝和微信中分一杯羹?   不过,经历了“三分钟热度”后,ApplePay能否在微信支付、支付宝钱包通过“烧钱”打赢的移动支付战争中赢得优势,仍是个问号。   “ApplePay没有生态圈的概念,而支付宝和微信线上线下生态圈一旦形成,将很难说服用户使用只有部分线下场景的ApplePay。”一位业内人士告诉本报记者。   事实上,想要抓住用户的心,ApplePay需要做的确实还有更多。刚刚用上ApplePay的广东人阿超昨天就经历了这么一件事:“为了体验ApplePay去喜士多买东西,结果不支持,但被告知QQ钱包买十元减十元,简单粗暴直接,这才是接地气的中国式推广。”   “一堆人在那里排队用QQ钱包付款,至于是否快两秒谁还care(关心),况且,ApplePay一定比微信支付快吗?”阿超反问。   腾讯支付基础平台与金融应用线理财通产品负责人张文静以微信零钱为例向本报记者指出,腾讯在支付领域的生态圈随着“红包”引爆已逐渐显现。   以微信为例,在2014年马年春节,微信红包初试啼声,总共800万微信用户参与争抢4000万个红包。一鸣惊人的微信红包带给腾讯的真正价值,很大程度上在于用户在微信中绑定银行卡并形成微信支付的习惯。依靠庞大的用户群体,微信支付串联起移动商业生态链上的多个环节。   对于ApplePay入华参与移动支付竞争一事,支付宝方面昨日对本报记者表示,随着互联网与商业的深度融合,商家对支付服务的需求不再限于支付。基于互联网,由支付衍生的会员营销、数据化运营等服务,开始为商家贡献越来越多的价值。   有统计显示,2017年全球移动支付的金额将突破1万亿美元,强大的数据意味着今后几年全球移动支付业务将迎来爆发式增长。所以,2016年的支付行业注定热闹非凡。无论对于老牌支付企业还是新起之秀,抢占地盘,布局新战线显得尤为紧迫。   业内认为,第三方支付因为扫码支付在清算体系上完全绕开了银联,在收单市场上蚕食了原有银联和银行收单网络的业务,移动支付这块“蛋糕”又呈现出不一样的格局。   据易观智库,2015年第三季度,支付宝以71.51%的市场占有率继续占据移动支付市场首位;腾讯的财付通位列第二,市场份额为15.99%,比上季度增加2.91个百分点;拉卡拉该季度市场份额为6.01%,位列第三;银联商务的移动支付市场份额仅为0.49%,位居全国第八。   决心收复失地的中国银联在移动支付领域动作非常频繁。先是2015年12月联合20余家商业银行推出了“云闪付”,以闪付为基础发展手机支付;再是和三星合作推出SamsungPay,接着是现在的ApplePay。   易观国际高级分析师马韬则在接受记者采访时表示,ApplePay上线,预计会带动一批喜欢尝鲜的苹果用户使用,不过ApplePay能否成功,最主要看苹果能否建立起自己的一套支付生态和消费场景。短期内,这种NFC支付方式不太可能动摇现有移动支付格局。同时,虽然与苹果联姻能够让银联获得关注度,但得把最珍贵的用户数据和苹果共享,银联的翻身仗打得并不会容易。   (本报记者关健对本文亦有贡献)相关的主题文章:

How many mobile phone manufacturers lost in the NOKIA patent battle The Sohu of science and technolo 异界之机械公敌

How many mobile phone manufacturers failed in the patent war of NOKIA? – Sohu technology apple and Samsung’s patent World War, disputes for several years, at the end of last year, and ultimately agreed to pay $548 million to Samsung apple to pay an end to the paragraph. Samsung said at the time that it would pay the compensation tenth days after the original invoice was issued". But later, both of them were not convinced, and they all appealed. This seems to have settled down, the waves of regeneration. However, for Samsung, the shadow of the patent war may be shrouded, and the patent war opponents are not only apple, as well as a NOKIA has quit the mobile phone production. According to Reuters news, NOKIA and Samsung in 2013, reached a binding arbitration agreement, in order to solve the problem of increasing the cost of patent, the agreement covers the time from 2014, for 5 years. International Chamber of Commerce arbitration court accepted the case, and may announce the final results in the near future. Incidentally, commercial arbitration is the third form of mutual agreement pricing and court sentencing. The Nordic bank analyst Sami Sarkamies expects this judgment will be possible for NOKIA this year bring 700 million euros (about 4 billion 985 million yuan) of the future annual operating profit, Samsung may pay 300 million euros to NOKIA (about 2 billion 136 million yuan) of the cost. Samsung’s annual cost to NOKIA is 100 million euros, and if the result is expected by the analyst, then Samsung has to pay for the last two years. Compared to apple, NOKIA in the patent wars, play more smoothly, maybe a dozen, barely missed. Last year, Samsung’s Korean fellow LG reached a patent licensing agreement with NOKIA through a similar approach to samsung. For the deal with LG, NOKIA technology President Ramzi Haidamus said it was a mutually beneficial agreement". NOKIA sued HTC in 2012, saying that HTC infringed its 45 patents globally. In 2014, NOKIA announced that it had signed a patent and technology cooperation agreement with HTC. After signing the agreement, the two companies terminated a patent infringement lawsuit for a period of time, and HTC will pay to NOKIA. As early as 2011, NOKIA announced a complete settlement of patent infringement disputes with apple, which took nearly two years. Apple will pay a one-time compensation to NOKIA, and promised to pay the subsequent patent fees under the agreement. At that time, both sides did not publish specific figures. Bank analysts according to industry experience, apple to NOKIA one-time payment of compensation is about 420 million euros. And the analyst said according to patent standards and iPhone sales at the time, apple every quarter possible.

究竟有多少手机厂商败在了诺基亚的专利战中?-搜狐科技   苹果与三星的专利世界大战,纷争数年,在去年底的时候,最终以三星同意向苹果支付 5.48 亿美元的赔偿告一段落。三星在当时表示会“在苹果发出原始发票后的第十天支付这笔赔偿金”。只是后来两家都不服气,均提起了上诉,这个看起来已经尘埃落定的事,再生波澜。   不过,对于三星来说,专利战的阴影可能还会笼罩下去,并且专利战上的对手也不只有苹果,还有一个已经退出手机生产的诺基亚。   据路透社的消息,诺基亚和三星在 2013 年的时候,达成一项约束性仲裁协议,以期解决增加专利费用的问题,该协议涵盖的时间从 2014 年开始,为期 5 年。国际商会(International Chamber of Commerce)仲裁法庭受理了此案,并可能在近几日揭晓最终的结果。顺带提一句,商业仲裁是双方协议价格和法庭宣判之外的第三种方式。   北欧银行的分析师 Sami Sarkamies 预计,这次判决将可能为诺基亚今年带来 7 亿欧元(约合人民币 49.85 亿元)的运营利润,未来三星每年可能还要向诺基亚支付 3 亿欧元(约合人民币 21.36 亿元)的费用。此前三星每年给诺基亚的费用为 1 亿欧元,若这次结果真如这位分析师所料,那么三星还要补交过去两年的费用。   相比苹果,诺基亚在专利大战上,玩得更加顺溜,一打一个准儿,几乎没有失手过。   去年的时候,三星的韩国老乡 LG 通过与三星相似的方式和诺基亚达成一项手机专利授权协议。对于和 LG 的交易,诺基亚技术总裁 Ramzi Haidamus 称,这是一项“互惠互利的协议”。   诺基亚于 2012 年起诉 HTC,称 HTC 在全球范围内侵犯了其 45 项专利。在 2014 年的时候,诺基亚宣布,与 HTC 签订了专利与技术合作协议。在签订这一协议后,两家公司终止了持续一段时间的专利侵权诉讼,而 HTC 将向诺基亚付费。   早在 2011 年的时候,诺基亚就宣布与苹果之间耗时近两年的专利侵权纠纷达成全面和解。苹果将向诺基亚一次性支付一笔赔偿金,并承诺根据协议支付后续专利费。当时,双方都没有对外公布具体的数字。   有银行分析师根据行业经验表示,苹果向诺基亚一次性支付的赔偿金大概在 4.2 亿欧元。并且该分析师根据专利标准和 iPhone 当时的销量,称,苹果每个季度可能都会向诺基亚支付 9500 万欧元的后续费用。注意,这是 2011 年的情况,从 iPhone 后续销量不断走高的业绩看,在后来,苹果支付的费用可能大于 9500 万欧元。   在专利战上败给诺基亚的还有同为老牌手机制造商的黑莓,于 2012 年的时候,黑莓同意与诺基亚和解,并向诺基亚支付专利费用。   作为霸占手机王者宝座十余载的巨头,诺基亚的专利遍布 2G、3G、4G,并且,诺基亚的专利中,高含金量的发明专利的比例不低,截至 2014 年 11 月,诺基亚的发明专利授权数量七倍于苹果、八倍于 HTC。   所以,实际上,要向诺基亚支付专利费用的厂商又何止以上几家。2014 年时,研究机构 ValueWalk 曾统计,包括苹果、三星、HTC、黑莓、LG、索尼、摩托罗拉、华为等近 40 家公司都需要向诺基亚缴纳专利授权费。   进入 2016 年后,关于诺基亚可能重新推出印着 NOKIA logo 的智能手机的消息不绝于耳,如何平衡自家手机与专利授权的收入,将是诺基亚将面临的一大问题。因为一旦重返智能手机市场,诺基亚就可能需要拿出自家的专利与竞争对手的专利进行互相授权。这对诺基亚而言,就得好好斟酌一下了。   一定程度上,专利授权所获得的收入已经成了一些昔日霸主的营收主要组成部分。以爱立信为例,上月,爱立信宣布与苹果达成专利授权协议,新协议使爱立信 2015 年知识产权营收占总营收的比重上升到了 40%,受此消息利好,爱立信的股价大涨。诺基亚在这方面的收入相比爱立信,更不遑多让。   一代手机巨头,不再生产手机后,却以这样的方式继续影响着手机的江湖。真可谓,“哥已经不在江湖,但江湖依然流传着哥的传说”。相关的主题文章:

Kawashio Zhisheng and the Austrian flying animation application by VR technology contract 山东医药技师学院

Kawashio Zhisheng and the Austrian flying animation by signing technical application of VR hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: making the most of the investors in the reporter Tian Limin Chuan Dazhi wins 15 evening announcement that the company recently signed with the Austrian flying animation "strategic cooperation agreement". According to the agreement, Kawashio Zhisheng and Austrian flying animation for each other’s strategic partners, to carry out various forms of business cooperation, multi-level and multi-channel, joint research and development for image recognition, intelligent hardware aspects of the virtual reality technology products; play their respective software and hardware technology, IP, content and channel advantages, to carry out in-depth cooperation range in the field of animation IP, intelligent hardware products, children and family entertainment virtual reality products, software application development, intelligent; cooperation development panorama interactive virtual reality, and to promote education and science field. The agreement is valid for 3 years. Kawashio Zhisheng said, "13th Five-Year" period, the company will increase the virtual reality and culture in the field of science and technology investment through a variety of ways to promote the application of image recognition and virtual reality technology in education and science etc.. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides will provide a mechanism for multi-level cooperation between the two sides in the relevant business areas. Through cooperation with the Austrian flying animation, Kawashio Zhisheng is expected to breakthrough in the virtual reality content required for panoramic interactive experience system, and form its own core competitiveness in the field of subdivision. THE_END into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

川大智胜与奥飞动漫签约 共推VR技术应用 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ⊙记者 田立民   川大智胜15日晚间发布公告称,公司近日与奥飞动漫签署《战略合作协议》。根据协议,川大智胜和奥飞动漫互为对方的战略合作伙伴,开展多形式、多层次、多渠道的业务合作,共同研发用于智能硬件方面的图像识别、虚拟现实技术等应用产品;发挥各自的软硬件技术、IP、内容和渠道优势,在动漫IP、智能硬件产品、儿童与家庭娱乐虚拟现实产品、软件应用开发等智能领域开展全方位的深度合作;双方合作开发全景互动虚拟现实内容,并向教育和科普领域推广。协议有效期为3年。   川大智胜表示,“十三五”期间,公司将通过多种途径加大对虚拟现实和文化科技领域的投入,推动图像识别和虚拟现实等技术在教育和科普等行业的应用。双方此次签署战略合作协议,将为双方后续在相关业务领域开展多层次合作提供一种机制。通过和奥飞动漫的合作,川大智胜有望在全景互动体验系统所需的虚拟现实内容上有所突破并在细分领域形成自己的核心竞争力。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: