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Why everyone loves a card – Sina hearthstone legend area the supermodel Blue Drake hearthstone. poper

Why everyone loves a card – Sina hearthstone legend area the supermodel Blue Drake in the furnace hearth stone brigade in the battle of long hours, if you find a card almost occupation will bring? Yes, it is blue drake. Why is it the highest? I think it’s the most supermodel hotel a card. Now we’re going to make a deep analysis of it. Blue Drake: 5 Figure fee 4-4 effect: battlecry: draw a card, spell damage +1 we first analyze the occupation and the attendant card fees: Anger: 2 charges, 1 damage, 1 cards SHIV: 2 charges, 1 damage, 1 cards of arcane wisdom cost: 3, 2: nourishing 5 fee, 3 sprint: 7 fee, 4 apprentice Engineer: 2 fee 1-1, battle roar: draw a card (because it is the basic card, so the following is the most basic model, the derivative card will refer to this model to analyze the basic figure) model: elves, fish treasure treasure: 0 fee 1-1 figure, model based spell: Moonfire: 0 charges, 1 damage and 1 damage Figure 1-1 should be about 0.5 fee standards, only Moonfire and elf, Baby Murloc took 0 fee. The 1 card is about the standard of 1.5. Before the two occupation spell draw start low, behind each draw a card and all fees, the current mechanism for each occupation is fair. 4-4 is approximately equal to 3.5 fee, plus the draw almost 5 fee, but Blue Drake has another effect: +1 spell damage. Then we look at the other spell entourage body Kobold: 2 fee 2-2 figure, spell +1, standard fees should be 2 2 Figure fee 2-3. Ogre mage 4 fee 4-4, the method of injury +1, standard figure of $4 fee should be 4 4-5. The master card fee of 2-3 2 occupation witch cult, spell +1, but the occupation cards are supermodel. Druid: Jungle Moonkin 4-4 for 4, two game player all spell +2, the model is more complex, leaving aside. So spell damage should be 0.5. Should the Blue Drake 0.5 fee model. But this is not the strongest local blue drake. The Blue Drake end in where? Temporarily divided into three categories, small, medium, large. Small entourage: the upper limit is totem like, 2 fee 3-4. As for the lower limit…… Elf. Attendant: the lower limit is medium Blue Drake 4-4, upper bound for the gladiators 5 fee 5-6 large entourage: the lower limit is 6 6-7 fee ceiling is large, long 4-12, 8-8. Blue Drake figure decided that it can have 3-4, 2-4, 2-3 followers, survived except the big sword (really Yin Shengjian) can be the perfect solution, other weapons (small axe warrior, Hunter Eagle bow, most weapons, the beating of 3 coated shaman, master ice arrow, torch) after the kick have a blood (so that need to add injury de thief, so the valet) can eat a piece in the exchange time.相关的主题文章:

South Korea lol all star players to vote LPL director and Uzi high popularity – Sina hero League are yezimei

South Korea’s LOL all star game player voting: LPL manager and Uzi won the high popularity of sina hero alliance zone represents the "hero alliance" the highest honor in the game S6 world finals has ended in Losangeles Staples Center, but it can not represent this year’s event has ended, a new round of the exciting showdown Star game will also continue to be staged in the Spanish Barcelona, the domestic voting atmosphere, to see the Korean netizens support players! The number of South Koreans support LCK all star blue arrow represents the support (source: micro-blog users LEmOm_ lemon lemon) can be seen from the figure of Korean friends in mind LCK all star team is playing wild Bengi, single Smeb, single Faker, in the AD position is Pray, Madlife. The strongest increase in LOL today: Faker and Smeb Faker and Smeb since Needless to say, this is a fist most look forward to the 20 top players, the other one is the first three league champion Faker, they are in the leading vote on yiqijuechen. Smeb the strength of top single after Marin LPL went into LCK’s brother is worthy of the name of big ticket fans, the world cup is full of offensive play almost suppressed from all over the world to the elite single. Faker is almost LCK signs, three debut four years into the world championship winning three times, of which there are two sets of LOL MVP, all the glory in one, when Faker again after the Staples Center won the trophy, as Faker in essays in the article said that he is not the devil, the Faker rolling all Korean single support has also become so deserved. SKT Bengi Faker save up many times how much glory on the body, it can be said that the Bengi has, he leaves and big devil is behind the gorgeous red flowers, we also see the Bengi of the leaf, he set off not only is the Faker SKT, S6 Blank in the semi-final for the blind monk over rival ROXT the final decider, or blind monk, "the jungle" to help SKT through the two cup final, the SKT savior has been South Korea netizens support and beat the adorable little peanut appearance. = Pray and Madlife are 2013 and 2015 two all star road 2013, 2015 as a partner in the two all star legend of AD, Pray in South Korea is popular as in the past. He Pray the title of well-known all over the world, and the Pray all star voting is even more beat two world champion Bang Pray, as a veteran, is old but vigorous in this year’s World Championships, in the semi-finals of the SKT was cornered. The Pray all star game, or will once again with Madlife, as the two all star game road partner, this time they are not dreaming.相关的主题文章:

See the headlights who eventually fined the most hurt mycoolboy

Look at the light end who sent the "injured" Shenzhen traffic police recently began remediation indiscriminate beam enforcement action, in addition to fines, illegal deduction, also need to be punished by the green chair to see the light provided by the traffic police for a minute, personally feel about light brings "damage". Traffic police on the network this practice has a bomb like. Opponents argue that the police have a variety of methods of punishment, but not required to sit the stool to see lights; in favor of the netizens shouted police can think this way too talented. A network survey shows that there are 9 users to support this practice. "See the light penalty" is controversial, the basic things you can imagine. On the one hand, "road traffic safety law" to the illegal indiscriminate beam, there is no penalty penalty at high beam, no law can not be authorized for the Shenzhen police, brain hole wide open, in the law of nature untenable; but on the other hand, the city opened light, long plagued many drivers and pedestrians, people complain incessantly and even hated teeth itch, Shenzhen traffic police "Henzhao" natural remediation, let a person feel happy. In the face of public controversy, Shenzhen police responded that the offender lights a minute is not mandatory, law enforcement to take the form of combining education with punishment. Specific approach for first offenders live moderately experience their own trucks and other light irradiation, feel the harm is voluntary, not mandatory, then what is the driver admitted to police at the scene of the headlights, how to correctly use, and explain the last 300 yuan, recorded 1 points penalty. It is not difficult to see that the Shenzhen police response had changed the "forced" argument, this might suggest that the Shenzhen police has recognized the "penalty look wrong light". However, the matter is particularly noteworthy is that the vast majority of Internet users to support the practice of Shenzhen traffic police. The mood is understandable, "see the light sent to the simple and crude way, let the indiscriminate beam driver was punished. However, social governance depends on the law, not the mood. Because of their indiscriminate beam this behavior feel disgusted, the existing traffic regulations on indiscriminate beam punishment is too low, will support law enforcement agencies outside the law application of punishment, this attitude is not conducive to discipline truly carry out in the real world, they are likely to encourage the application of law enforcement agencies abuse punishment behavior. If users feel the current law, the illegal acts of indiscriminate beam, it is difficult to play a deterrent role, it should be recommended that the relevant departments to amend the law to increase penalties, and then in accordance with the law enforcement, but not blindly for law enforcement agencies outside the law application of punishment and clap. But we should also see that the current law on the punishment of acts of indiscriminate beam, but also the basic right. The biggest problem in reality is that there is lack of law enforcement, because law enforcement is not in place, which leads to indiscriminate beam become a nuisance for driving at night "". In modern society, the rule of law and rationality are the two important cornerstone of law enforcement is not above the law, the public can not lose rationality in the interests of the driver, but not for another method applied to citizens suffered punishment and as cheerful as a lark. You know, if the law application of punishment and the phenomenon of the proliferation of every citizen may be a victim. Justice can only be achieved in a just way, rather than just ask the results regardless of the process. "Law without authorization shall not be".相关的主题文章:

Foreign Ministry China Kyrgyzstan requirements to quickly find out the truth to punish the perpetrat

Foreign Ministry: China Kyrgyzstan requirements to quickly find out the truth to punish the perpetrators – Sohu military channel information: on August 30th, in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek, the police car parked near the site of the explosion. Data figure: August 30th, in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, police parked near the explosion site. Global network news: August 30th August 30, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference, the relevant contents are as follows: Q: according to reports, the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan today Chinese car bombing. Please introduce the relevant circumstances. A: the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan was attacked by a car bomb at a local time this morning, causing 3 members of the embassy to be slightly injured, and the Chinese side was deeply shocked and severely condemned the violence. The foreign ministry has for the first time launched the emergency response mechanism, the request of the Chinese Kyrgyzstan immediately take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Chinese in Kyrgyzstan institutions and personnel, and the rapid investigation into the incident, punish the murderer. Related news: Kyrgyzstan is located in the capital of Bishkek near the Embassy in Kyrgyzstan China 30 morning local time explosion, local police said 3 people were injured. After the explosion, police blocked the streets near the embassy. Xinhua News Agency reporter saw near the embassy, the embassy gate damaged. Police said the explosion was caused by a vehicle carrying explosive devices.相关的主题文章:

Sale of 9.48-36.98 Ford three SUV new models listed – Sohu Automotive

The sale of 9.48-36.98 million Ford three new SUV models listed Sohu Sohu [car new car] recently, Changan Ford officially announced 2017 new wing stroke, 2017 Maverick and 2016 sharp all two new models listed on the official. 2017 of the main wing stroke in the configuration made the upgrade, while the 2017 maverick has added a new two 1.5T models, 2016 sharp boundary two new models 2.0T. Specific price as follows: 2017 wing stroke in the appearance and interior has not changed, mainly in the configuration upgrade. According to the new configuration of different models on the basis of the original, the new automatic anti glare rearview mirror, multifunction computer, automatic wiper, tire pressure monitoring, daytime running lights, front side airbags and other configuration. In addition, the 2017 wing stroke all optional with a 8 inch screen Intexact multimedia navigation system. 2017: added EcoBoost 180 and EcoBoost 180 airfoil two drive luxury 4WD statue airfoil two 1.5T models, including EcoBoost 180, two drive luxury airfoil equipped with heated front seats, electric rear door, 8 speaker sound, "Ford Power" smart keyless start system and power with a 8 inch screen SYNC 3 smart system. 2017: EcoBoost listed 180 four-wheel drive will do for respect after using: 1.5T top models, the car is equipped with SONY audio, ACS low speed driving safety system, lane keeping, blind spot monitoring, automatic parking, car alarm system to both sides. The 2016 Ford circles added EcoBoost 245 two drive five Sebring and EcoBoost 245 four-wheel drive flagship, the EcoBoost 245 two drive five Sebring type and has been listed on the EcoBoost two drive 245 Sebring configuration consistent, differ only in the seat; and EcoBoost 245 four-wheel drive flagship will be the sharp boundary 2.0T the flagship model, the car interior multiple by Fairfield (Fairfield) leather wrapped, also equipped with SONY audio, SYNC 3 multimedia system, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, 360 degree panoramic image, intelligent anti glare LED lamp etc..相关的主题文章: