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Five lines of mobile phone transfers free of charge with user thinking 公平的报复

Five lines of mobile phone transfers free of charge, there is a user thinking of the Internet payment and consumption ecology, the banking industry simply rely on the loan deposit difference business model is a dimension down strike. In the Internet plus age, regardless of what industry, users can get the market. In February 25th, ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB, the five lines will be announced through the mobile phone bank transfers, remittances to the customer, either cross or remote are free of charge; at the same time commitment to customers 5000 yuan renminbi online banking remittance waiving fees. As early as 12 months late last year, the impact of payment platform to deal with menacing Internet third party, China Merchants Bank and other small and medium-sized commercial banks announced the cancellation of online bank transfer fees, online bank transfer free Chinese opened a new prelude. It should be said that the five lines together announced mobile phone net transfer free service, also in reason, not worth shout and wrangle. On the surface, the customer using a mobile phone to transfer, whether cross or remote, banks are free, banks seem to suffer heavy losses, to reduce a large amount of income. In fact, in the short term, banks may reduce part of the income; but in the long run, banks will not only suffer losses, but will accumulate customer energy, for themselves to strive for more social resources and development space. Because the bank and the financial sector in the Internet slow development on the contrary, with the balance of treasure, Alipay, Taobao, WeChat as the representative of the third party payment platform for the rapid development of Internet banking, and the deepening of social consumption. Moreover, the state-owned bank charges are obviously irrational and incompatible with the existing business competition pattern. If it is not changed in time, the competition will become more and more inferior. Take ICBC online bank transfer as an example, the following 2000 yuan handling fee is 0.5 yuan, 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan poundage is 2.5 yuan, 5000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan handling fee is 5 yuan; net bank transfer fee maximum 25 yuan, which is still unfair to the general public in china. Especially in the past two years, the operating environment of China’s banking industry is faced with various challenges. The growth rate of net profit of listed banks is generally "emergency", and the NPL ratio rises. Five major lines of annual net profit growth from the last two figures fell sharply to single digits. Market expectations, China’s banking net profit growth in 2016 may enter a negative era". In the context of this brutal competition, the five major banks announced that the transfer of mobile phones free, Baotuan heating, it is found that a correct market direction. If the same as in the past, engage in internal friction type homogeneous competition, ignoring user needs, and finally have been eliminated danger. Internet payment seems to compete with the traditional banking deposits, behind the competition of different business models. To free the users and build the ecology of the Internet payment and consumption, it is a dimension reduction to the banking industry simply relying on the deposit and loan difference. The former spared no effort to reduce the cost of users to attract users, while the latter used the payment mechanism and various bad experiences to drive away the users. In the Internet plus age, regardless of what industry, users can get on the market

五大行手机转账免费算是有了用户思维   互联网支付与消费的生态,对银行业单纯依靠存贷差的商业模式是一种降维打击。在互联网+时代,不论什么产业,得用户者才能得市场。      2月25日,工行、农行、中行、建行、交行五大行宣布,将对客户通过手机银行办理的转账、汇款业务,无论是跨行还是异地都免收手续费;同时承诺,对客户5000元以下的境内人民币网上银行转账汇款免收手续费。      早在去年12月中下旬,为应对来势汹汹的互联网第三方支付平台冲击,招商银行等中小商业银行就宣布了取消网银转账手续费,掀开了中国网上银行转账免费新序幕。应该说,五大行联手宣布手机网银转账免费服务,亦在情理之中,不值得大呼小叫。     从表面上看,客户用手机进行转账,无论跨行还是异地,银行都一律免费,似乎银行吃了大亏,要减少一大截收入。其实不然,因为在短期内银行可能是会减少部分收入;但从长远经营看,银行不仅不会吃亏,反而会积蓄客户能量,为自己争取更多社会资源和发展空间。      因为,与银行在互联网金融领域发展滞缓相反的是,以余额宝、支付宝、淘宝、微信等为代表的第三方互联网金融支付平台发展迅猛,且日益深入社会各消费领域。      而且国有银行收费明显具有不合理性,与现有经营竞争格局格格不入,若不及时改变,会让其竞争日趋劣势。以工行网银转账为例,2000元以下手续费是0.5元,2000元到5000元手续费是2.5元,5000元至1万元手续费是5元;网银转账手续费最高封顶25元,这对国内广大普通民众来说仍显不公。      尤其,近两年来,中国银行业经营环境面临各种挑战,上市银行净利润增速全面“告急”,不良率上升。五大行年度净利润增幅也从过去两位数大幅跌落至个位数。市场预期,2016年中国银行业净利润增幅可能进入“负时代”。在这种残酷竞争背景下,五大银行宣布手机转账免费,抱团取暖,算是找到了一个正确的市场方向。若再像过去那样,搞内耗式同质竞争,无视用户需求,最后都有被淘汰出局的危险。      互联网支付看似是和传统银行业展开存款竞争,背后则是不同的商业模式的较量。以免费吸引用户而构建互联网支付与消费的生态,对银行业单纯依靠存贷差的商业模式是一种降维打击。前者不遗余力降低用户使用的成本,以吸引用户,而后者则用付费机制以及种种不良的体验,驱离用户。在互联网+时代,不论什么产业,得用户者才能得市场。      五大行宣布手机转账免费算是有了一些用户思维。在应对互联网金融的冲击方面,传统银行业必须要自身转型,跟上技术的变化,以及用户生活与习惯的变化。另一方面,银行业的改革也应该进一步推进,如果老是让银行只能吃存贷差,其怎么转型,恐怕却难以踩到准确的鼓点上。   □莫开伟(学者) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Lenovo signed Qualcomm behind the joy and worry of China’s mobile phone industry – Sohu Technology 海尔le42a90

Lenovo signed Qualcomm mobile phone industry Chinese behind: joy and sorrow – following the science and technology Sohu reported by the media as "default" millet and Qualcomm signed a patent license agreement after less than a month, recently, Lenovo also announced the signing of a new patent licensing agreement with qualcomm. So far there have been HUAWEI, ZTE, TCL, millet, cool, Tianyu, Haier and Qualcomm announced the signing of the camp to join. We can see that the global shipments of the top five manufacturers have China and Qualcomm signed a new licensing agreement, including HUAWEI, ZTE and other focus on patents and technical reserves of traditional mobile phone companies, as well as in the overseas market expansion of positive TCL, millet etc.. However, in our Chinese mobile phone industry and enterprises in respect of intellectual property rights delight, we still see that so far, there are still China related companies have not yet signed a patent license with Qualcomm, let us surprise, which even included some manufacturers in the mobile phone market ranked China a year ago. So the question is why, until today, still there are some Chinese mobile phone companies are reluctant to sign with Qualcomm patent licensing? I’m afraid it focus back to Qualcomm agreed to pay $975 million to reduce and change before Chinese for mobile phone manufacturers licensing agreement with Chinese antitrust authorities for old reconciliation problems before the antitrust investigation of the year. The China mobile phone manufacturers should pay patent licensing fees to pass? Due to licensing fees, so we might as well look on before the industry which is highly concerned by apple and the manufacturers patent Husu Ericsson and its background. Dramatic is that Apple was the first to appeal to Ericsson, accusing the other of LTE patent licensing fees are too high. Namely, according to apple, Ericsson licensing fees charged by the standards of a complete equipment based on price, and should not be authorized to integrate its technology components for apple in the patent document said: "Ericsson is trying to expand its patent, then from Apple’s own cutting-edge products to maximize the profit, all apple the invention is the crystallization of Apple engineers and designers, many years of hard work, and we have invested billions of dollars in research and development, and a bit of it all with Ericsson’s patents nor." But soon after, Apple has been Ericsson’s counterclaim, who said they to Apple authorized LTE patent contract has expired, but Apple has been reluctant to sign a new licensing contract, Ericsson even asked the court to ban iPhone. Coincidentally, recently, before NOKIA and Samsung played more than two years of patent war in the near future also is expected to settle by Samsung, every year, billions of euros will pay royalties to NOKIA, but in the settlement, this amount is likely to increase to billion euros, and Samsung still need to pay for the past two years, according to the new patent fee rule. I do not know what to think of this industry to see? It is not our domestic mobile phone manufacturers and the Qualcomm patent licensing fees are highly similar, at least not renewed in charge level and (we did not sign) is the case, but the final result we can see, even the global smart mobile phone industry’s most cattle.

联想签约高通背后:中国手机产业的喜和忧-搜狐科技   继被媒体报道为“赖账”的小米与高通签署专利授权协议之后不到个月,近日,联想也宣布与高通签订新的专利授权协议。至今为止已陆续有华为、中兴、TCL、小米、奇酷、天宇朗通、海尔等加入宣布与高通签约的阵营。可以看到,全球出货量前五名的中国厂商都已经和高通签署了新的授权协议,这其中包括华为、中兴等注重专利、技术储备丰厚的传统手机企业,以及在海外市场拓展积极的TCL、小米等。      不过,在我们为中国手机产业和企业在尊重知识产权欣喜之余,我们依然看到,截至到目前为止,仍有中国相关企业尚未与高通签订专利授权,更让我们感到意外的是,其中竟然还包括去年在中国手机市场排名前的部分厂商。那么问题来了,为何到了今天,依旧有部分中国手机企业不愿与高通签定专利授权呢?恐怕焦点无非又回到高通同意支付9.75亿美元其降低和更改之前对于中国手机厂商的专利授权协议而与中国反垄断部门和解长达一年的反垄断调查之前的老问题。即中国手机厂商到底该不该向高通缴纳专利授权费?   由于涉及到专利授权费,所以我们在此不妨着重看下之前被业内予以高度关注的苹果与爱立信这厂商专利互诉及其背景。富有戏剧性的是,当时是苹果首先对爱立信提出上诉,指责对方的LTE专利授权费用过高。即按照苹果的说法,爱立信收取授权费用的标准基于一部完整设备的售价,而不应是整合其授权技术的零部件,为此苹果在专利文件中称:“爱立信试图扩大其专利的作用,然后从苹果自主研发的尖端产品当中最大限度地获利,苹果所有的发明创造,是苹果工程师和设计师多年努力的结晶,并且我们也为此投入了数十亿美元进行研发,而这一切与爱立信的专利一点关系也没有。”但不久之后,苹果就遭到了爱立信的反诉,后者称他们向苹果授权LTE专利的合约早已到期,但苹果迟迟不愿意签订新的授权合同,爱立信甚至还要求法院禁售iPhone。   无独有偶,近日,诺基亚和三星打了两年多的专利大战在近期也有望通过和解解决,之前,三星每年会向诺基亚支付亿欧元的专利费,但在和解后,这一数额很可能将提升至亿欧元,并且三星还需按新规则补交过去两年的专利费。   不知业内看到此想到了什么?是不是与我们国内手机厂商与高通间的专利授权费具有高度的相似性,至少在收取费用高低和没有续签(我们是根本不签)上是如此,但最终的结果大家也看到了,即使是全球智能手机产业最牛的苹果和三星,在事实的专利面前也体现出敬畏与尊重(不仅向爱立信、诺基亚补交,还要续交专利授权费),因为苹果和三星深知,商业间的博弈不可避免,但作为一个产业创新者,博弈的底线依旧是对于创新成果的专利的敬畏与尊重。因为只有这样,才能在博弈中推动产业的创新和前行,同时在这一过程中让自己和对手在彼此的竞争中求得良性的发展和获益。   回到高通与中国手机企业专利授权上,既然经过国家发改委的裁决,高通已经与中国反垄断部门达成和解,其和解条款中明确而具体地规定了允许高通继续收取专利授权费,就证明高通收取专利授权费和合理及合法性。既然如此,为何在中国手机厂商中,有些企业依然在赖帐,而有的企业却已然和高通签订了缴纳专利授权费的协议,例如之前提及的包括华为、中兴、联想、小米等多家企业。   在此,我们不妨先看一组统计。2014 年底,汤森路透集团(Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters )知识产权与科技事业部发布了第四届,即2014 年度“全球百强创新机构”榜单,华为成首个入榜的大陆企业,且排名进入前五十。该单评选方法基于四个主要原则:整体专利数量、授权成功率、专利组合的全球覆盖以及影响力,可说是体现企业专利技术是否完备的最直接佐证。华为已经成为目前中国专利积累最深厚的企业,据悉,即便专利储备如此雄厚的华为,在年很早的时候就与高通签署了新的专利许可协议。我们不由得对华为对知识产权和创新成果的尊重行为充满敬意,也可以完全有理由相信,这样一家企业完全是能够作为一家中国的百年老店而驰骋于国际市场的。近年来华为国际市场的开拓所取得的成果印证了这一点。   另据咨询公司Chetan Sharma Consulting发布的最新移动专利统计报告显示,年,IBM在全球获得的移动设备专利最多,而在美国之后,日本和中国获得的移动专利最多,其中华为和中兴是中国前两大移动专利公司。正是凭借这些专利背后的创新,华为一跃成为全球智能手机市场的季军,并被认为惟一有望挑战苹果和三星的中国手机企业,而中兴在利润恢复增长的同时,在竞争最为激烈和凸现高价值及知识产权保护最为苛刻的美国手机市场以一己之力进入前,并有望冲击三甲。而联想则通过并购摩托罗拉移动获得的专利,为其短期内手机业务70%左右均来自海外市场提供了保障,这之中对于自己和他人以专利为代表的知识产权彼此的尊重至关重要。   据工业和信息化部电子科学技术情报研究所发布的《世界信息技术产业发展报告(2014-2015)》,报告认为,随着智能手机领域竞争日益加剧,专利纠纷及专利诉讼数量显著攀升,我国智能手机产业,尤其目前亟待出海的中国手机企业将面临着严峻的专利风险。   提及风险,业内知道,去年年底,美国知名专利流氓(Patent Troll)Blue Spike向马歇尔分院起诉小米大量产品侵犯其专利,之后爱立信也通过媒体表示,称其在印度起诉小米专利侵权的官司还没结束。爱立信要小米缴纳GSM、EDGE和UMTS WCDMA等技术标准相关的专利费,但小米一直没有回应。专利诉讼导致小米的直接经济损失不得而知。但诸多业内人士认为,小米年手机销量未实现销售目标,与印度市场上被禁止销售款机型不无关系。不过,随着小米与高通专利授权协议的签订,小米今年在海外市场拓展的阻力将大减。   通过上述正反两方面的事实不难看到,在国际化、成熟发展阶段的中国企业越来越尊重专利、重视创新。尊重知识产权是中国企业走向海外市场的必然选项,也是中国企业自身注重研发创新和可持续发展的表现。而忽视甚至侵犯知识产权的企业在发展道路上必然会遭遇瓶颈而难以长久发展和增长。   值得一提的是,除了上述尊重知识产权之上产业中的互惠互利之外,回望过去一年,我们发现,高通还积极在中国展开各个层面的合作,涵盖政府、企业乃至初创企业,政府关系日益改善,逐步得到政府的支持和认可,而新签署的协议也都是执行了国家发改委的整改决定。今年年初,高通与贵州省政府签署战略合作协议并为合资企业贵州华芯通半导体技术有限公司揭牌,此前高通已与中芯国际合作制造智能手机芯片,投资合资企业中芯国际集成电路新技术研发(上海)有限公司,以及设立1.5亿美元的中国风险投资基金等。可见高通与中国各利益相关方抱团取暖、互利共赢,应该是新常态下各方长期合作、发展取得成功的根本原则。   风物长宜放眼量。当我们相关企业越来越尊重知识产权并付之于行动之时,我们国家知识产权保护的力度也在不断加强。例如近日,国务院印发《关于新形势下加快知识产权强国建设的若干意见》(下称《意见》),就明确深入实施国家知识产权战略,深化知识产权重点领域改革,实行更加严格的知识产权保护,促进知识产权创造运用、加强重点产业知识产权海外布局和风险防控、提升知识产权对外合作水平五项重要举措。陟罚臧否,各有其分。在完善知识产权管理体制的同时,《意见》还加大对知识产权侵权行为惩治力度,将故意侵犯知识产权纳入企业和个人信用记录,以期构建公平竞争、公平监管的创新环境。这意味着如果企业在未来不尊重知识产权,甚至侵犯别人的知识产权,不仅伤及别人,更会重伤自身。所以我们在此呼吁那些依然视知识产权于不顾的企业,应摒弃短期利益,站在未来企业和产业发展的高度,顺应中国乃至全球尊重知识产权及其基础之上的创新大势,心动不如行动,晚动不如早动。相关的主题文章:

Abandon the mix, simplicity is the choice of in Sohu 开心马骝歌词

Abandon the mix, simplicity is the choice of IN Sohu – we are not have this feeling, a piece of clothing, wearing beautiful patterns and exquisite models also will not have the rough feeling, but those at a glance so simple and no trace of extra clothing, but a glimpse into the hearts of the grass! The minimalist style has always been a part of the fashion world, and a key part of the designer’s true talent. In recent years, there is a sense of simplicity and anger, not only on the T platform, star tide, but also on the preferences of minimalism! So today to McCain a McCain cute flower see flowers Nordic minimalist style ~ 1 = minimalist based models and many people have this misunderstanding, that simplicity is basic, although had to admit the minimalist and basic models have many similarities, but really not so classified please, minimalist style can be at least several level based models of high n+. Wearing basic money needs color, figure, gas Balabala a heap, but very simple wind is not so pick people, it by tailoring win, design style often can cover up your lack of body place! Minimalist style sweater perhaps a long paragraph sweater is this foundation so long ~ minimalist style dress may be so long based dress has so long ~ and not in black based 2333, I think simplicity is the ultimate evolution based models of it, after all the things into simple style designer a lot of effort in it, in order to make simple things is sublimation, this value is proportional to the ~ 2 short love simple style to look at some of the T station serves as well as minimalist style lookbook, many woman have simplicity as skinny patent, skinny beauty is indeed what to wear high are good, but like some petite woman to what styles are classified as thin patent what do you really want to wear what!!?? In fact, the style of this thing really not what size and height, the minimalist style handle well trendsetter grasping a lot, you know there is not all European models look! Nicole Warne is worthy of the name of the small, smart she is very aware of the advantages of the body, no more decorative clothing, but more elongated overall lines, as well as accessories is her collocation highlights! Margaret Zhang with all kinds of styles, you think she’s 170+? In fact, only 160, very simple wind for her can be said to be very perfect control! She can always put all kinds of single product to do just fine, but not too much moisture, minimalist design clothing sense was also in her very taste! 3, accessories also minimalist, you can not minimalist clothing, but you can not do without minimalist accessories. Create beauty with lines like this jewelry is often good texture to amazing, for those who don’t love jewelry girls don’t get bored so a no redundant accessories. And usually love jewelry jewelry control o

抛弃混搭,极简风才是最IN的选择-搜狐      大家是不是都有这样的感觉,一件服装,模特穿着再美花纹再精致也不会有长草的感觉,然而那些一眼看过去极其简单甚至没有一丝多余的服装,却一眼草到心坎里! 极简风格的穿搭在时尚圈一直都有一席之地,也是设计师展现真才华的重点部分。近几年极简风又怒刷存在感,不仅在T台上频繁出现,明星潮人们也对极简风各种偏爱!所以今天就来侃一侃人见人爱花见花儿开的北欧极简风~      1极简≠基础款   很多人都有这个误区,认为极简风就是基础款,虽然不得不承认极简和基础款的确有很多相似的地方,但是真不能这样归类好吗,极简风可至少比基础款高n+好几个level。穿好基础款需要颜值、身材、气场balabala一堆,但极简风就没那么挑人,它靠剪裁取胜,设计感的款式往往能掩盖你身材不足的地方!   极简风的毛衣也许长这样         基础款的毛衣却长这样~      极简风的裙子也许长这样      基础款的连衣裙却长这样~      并没有在黑基础款2333,我觉得极简风可以算是基础款的终极进化吧,毕竟极简风的东西设计师投入了大量的心血在里面,从而才能把简单的东西升华,这价值也算成正比的~            2矮个子也爱极简风   看一些T台的走秀以及极简风的lookbook,不少妹子已经把极简风归为高瘦专利了,高瘦美确实是穿什么都好看,但是像一些娇小妹子把什么风格都归为高瘦专利那你们到底要穿什么!!??其实风格这东西还真和身高体型没什么关系,把极简风驾驭得很好的潮人一抓一大把,要知道欧美那边也不是个个都模特身材的!   Nicole Warne算是名副其实的小个子了,聪明的她很懂得发挥身材优势,没有过度装饰的服装反而更能拉长整体线条,还有配饰也是她搭配的亮点!            各种风格都能驾驭的Margaret Zhang,你以为她170+?其实只有160,极简风对于她可以说是驾驭的非常完美!      她总是能把各种单品拿捏得刚刚好,潮却不过分,极简服饰的设计感也被她穿的非常有味道!         3配饰也要极简范儿   你可以没有极简的衣服,但你绝对不能没有极简的配饰。像这种用线条打造美感的饰品往往质感好到惊人,对于那些不太爱戴首饰的女孩也不会厌烦这么一件没有丝毫赘余的饰品。               而平时爱戴首饰的首饰控就更不用说了,如果你有很多个这样简单的项链,不妨把它们叠加起来,这年头一个手上戴好几个戒指,脖子戴好几条项链已经成为潮流。在春天到来之际,完全可以一边减衣服一边加首饰~               4极简包包不能少   极简风大行其道的时候,包包自然是最受欢迎的,简单却有设计感的款式百搭,又不失质感,特别是还有一些建筑结构的元素在里面的包包更是爱到不行so前方高能~~~请捂好钱包,设计师没有什么做不到的,极简风的包包在哪都能种出一片草原~      Céline Spring 2016 Studded leather bag      Business Bag Building Blocks   Margiela mirror topped shoulder bag      COS STRUCTURED LEATHER BAG      Each x Other Spring 2016      Marni Spring 2013 Minimal White Clutch   5穿搭要领   众所周知,极简的服装基本都是黑白灰,买来的衣服虽然很多小细节的设计很美好,但是在冬天也许一个不小心就穿成黑山老妖了,黑白的搭配反而是一些搭配小白容易出错的地方!   Tip1,极简风最保险的穿搭法就是上白下黑,也是最显质感的,对于懒人来说,这无非是最实用的一条搭配经,就像衬衫配西装裤一样简单,再拎上一个皮质包包,街拍潮人出街outfit就get了!            Tip2,顺色的搭配最显气场,一身白或者一身灰的look都很有高街的style!但是黑色就得注意了,即使它再显瘦,在冬季全身黑色很容易产生沉闷感,适当选择一些不一样颜色的内搭整体也会明亮很多。               如果非要一身黑不可,可以注意选择不同质感的黑色单品搭配在一起,比如上衣可以选择皮质或者假皮草面料的就会好很多~         极简不仅是一种风格更是一种态度,从穿搭来看,极简不能说是潮流,我觉得它更是对经典的东西的集中体现!   编辑:Ciel   本文系Twippo法国时尚传媒原创   转载必须注明微信id:Twippo   申请授权请联系jasmine@twippo相关的主题文章:

Apple also mentioned that the new patent can also be applied to desktop computers 明朝的那些事儿 txt

Gesture recognition or leading intelligent life revolution stocks         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate at your own risk. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client: the most extreme Kanpan profitable investors often appear in science fiction film taking gesture is a step closer to reality. According to media reports, Apple has just won a patent number of 9250734 patents. The patent entitled "Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation (near and multi-point touch sensor detection and demodulation)", invented by Steven P. Hotelling and Christoph H. Krah, Apple Corp submitted patent applications in March 2015. The patent, with proximity sensing hardware, detects non-contact gestures, allowing users to suspend the operation of the phone. Apple claims that the patent can improve the accuracy of the suspension gesture recognition by working with multiple short-range sensors to correct the captured action and eliminating overly sensitive error recognition. In addition, Apple also mentioned that the new patent can also be applied to desktop computers, laptops, vending machines and retail terminals and other equipment. Insiders pointed out that, as the world’s science and technology giants, apple is the most noteworthy and tracking, apple advocated a number of technologies, and then the industry also quickly follow the pace of its pace. The apple won the patent in the field of sensors and may be applied to the field of electronic consumption, no doubt will point out the direction for the long-term development of science and technology. In fact, as one of the core technologies in the wearable field, gesture recognition and sensor market space is vast. In 2014, the global gesture recognition and sensor market reached a $3 billion 120 million scale, with an annual growth rate of 32.78%. The day before the release of a new report, to 2022 the market size is expected to reach $32 billion 160 million. Technological advances have greatly improved hardware accuracy, which further raises the demand for gesture recognition and sensor market. In the field of smart phones and cars, the gesture recognition and sensor market has shown exponential growth, the key factor is the low cost of hardware, and can greatly improve the user experience. On the other hand, high power consumption has become a major obstacle to market growth. It is predicted that the future growth opportunities of global gesture recognition and sensor market will fall in smart home and some emerging areas. Intelligent life in the life of a variety of things in series together, the expansion of the Internet of things has become an indisputable fact. According to IDC’s forecast, the size of the global Internet of things market will increase from $5 trillion and 400 billion in 2013 to $7 trillion and 300 billion in 2017. The theory of intelligence 手势识别或引领智能生活革命 概念股     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   科幻片中经常出现的隔空手势操控已经越来越接近现实。据媒体报道,苹果刚刚获得了一项专利号为9250734的专利。该专利名为“Proximity and multi-touch sensor detection and demodulation(近距离和多点触摸传感器检测与解调)”,由 Steven P. Hotelling 和 Christoph H. Krah 发明,苹果公司于2015年3月提交专利申请。这项专利配合着近距离感应硬件,检测非接触性手势,允许用户对手机进行悬空操作。   苹果称这项专利可通过多个近距离传感器协同工作来修正捕获的动作,排除过于敏感的错误识别,从而提高悬浮手势识别的准确率。此外,苹果还提到,新专利还可应用到台式电脑、笔记本、自动贩卖机和零售终端等设备上。   业内人士指出,作为世界科技巨头,苹果是最值得关注与追踪的,苹果倡导了多项技术,而后行业也快速跟风追随它的步伐。此次苹果获得传感器领域专利并可能应用于电子消费领域,无疑将为科技的长远发展指明了方向。实际上,作为可穿戴领域的核心技术之一,手势识别与传感器市场空间广阔。2014年全球手势识别与传感器市场达到了31.2亿美元的规模,其复合年增长率为32.78%。日前一份新发布的分析报告称,到2022年该市场规模预计将达321.6亿美元。   技术进步使硬件精度大幅提升,从而进一步拉升了对手势识别与传感器市场的需求。在智能手机与汽车领域,手势识别与传感器市场呈现指数增长,其中的关键因素为硬件成本低廉,同时可大幅改善用户体验。而另一方面,高功耗也成为阻碍市场增长的主要原因。据预测,全球手势识别与传感器市场未来增长机会主要将落在智能家居以及部分新兴领域。   智能生活将生活中的各种物品串联在了一起,物联网的壮大已经成为不争的事实。根据IDC的预测,全球物联网市场的规模将在2017年由2013年的5.4万亿美元增至7.3万亿美元。而智能家居和可穿戴设备等一系列新型生活方式的崛起,为传感器带来产业链淘金机会。业内分析认为,中国、印度等发展中国家创业公司正在大量吸引投资,预计未来几年内将成为该市场的中坚力量。随着应用产品的逐渐增加,作为可穿戴领域的重要分支,手势识别相关概念股值得重点关注。   苏州固锝(002079)是国内集MEMS传感器设计和封装于一身的领先企业,从事加速度计、陀螺仪等惯性传感器研发及制造,可用于手势动作获取。2015年上半年,公司完成了第三代加速度传感器的工程认证并正式投产;第三代加速度传感器的芯片面积达到全球最小,并预期MEMS芯片成本降低30%。公司财报显示,控股子公司江苏艾特曼,服务领域涵盖消费类电子产品、汽车电子、工业控制、家电领域惯性传感器(加速度计、陀螺仪)以及红外传感器等,逐步将企业打造成为国内MEMS晶圆级封装代工龙头企业。隔空操作、压力触控技术等新领域的应用突破,将为传感器带来更广阔的发展空间。作为传感器领先企业,公司有望充分受益。   通富微电(002156)具备MEMS传感器产品的封测能力,在这方面有一定的技术储备。公司产品主要用于移动终端传感器和加速度计,MEMS传感器产品也是公司重点关注的领域。公司官网显示,通富微电是国家科技重大专项骨干承担单位,是中国前三大IC封测企业,全球前十大半导体制造商有一半以上是通富微电的客户。公司目前的封装技术包括Bumping、WLCSP等先进封测技术,QFN、QFP等传统封装技术以及汽车电子产品、MEMS等封装技术;测试技术包括圆片测试、系统测试等。通富微电在中国国内封测企业中第一个实现12英寸28纳米手机处理器芯片后工序全制程大规模生产。   士兰微(600460)是国内最大的集成电路IDM厂商,在传感器、功率器件、模拟电路等领域处于国内领先地位。2014年,公司已经开发出三轴加速度传感器、三轴地磁传感器等MEMS产品,并开始批量生产,广泛应用于移动智能终端、穿戴式产品等领域。公司还将陆续推出三轴陀螺仪和空气压力传感器等MEMS传感器产品,抓住移动智能终端和穿戴式产品发展的重大机遇。目前公司已逐步搭建了芯片制造平台,并已将技术和产品链延伸至功率器件、功率模块和MEMS传感器核心技术的的封装领域,建立了较为成熟的IDM模式。公司的加速度传感器、陀螺仪传感器产品将受益手势识别领域应用的快速发展。   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

整个旅程需要6到9个月 洪学智黑河剿匪

Musk release colonization of Mars plan: cost equivalent to buy a suite SpaceX CEO eilon · in the United States; musk (Elon Musk) on Tuesday (27 days) in Mexico, Guadalajara at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) said, SpaceX will develop large rockets and spacecraft, the people sent to Mars, finally realize the colonization of mars. According to media reports on September 28th, Mask introduced the rocket program to mars. Such a rocket can be reused, more than 300 feet (about 91.4 meters), and will eventually take the "ITS" spacecraft sent to space. And the spaceship can transport 100 passengers and cargo at a time. But musk pointed out that the current key issue is to reduce the cost of Mars flight, so as to attract potential volunteers. He said: "if the fare is 10 billion dollars per person, then you can’t develop a self supporting civilization. Our goal is to reduce the cost to the average house price in the United States, about 200 thousand dollars." Mask said that the funding source of the Mars project will be a challenge, and that Mars development costs will be estimated at $10 billion in the next few years. He said: "I am personally accumulating assets to fund this project". "Ultimately, this will be a massive collaboration between the government and the people." At present, a number of civil and government projects are studying how to send human beings to Mars, and SpaceX is one of them. The distance between Mars and the earth is about 140 million miles (about 225 million kilometers), and the entire journey takes 6 to 9 months. So landing on Mars will be a challenging project. Mask said that for anyone who signed a contract with SpaceX and launched a trip to Mars, SpaceX could not provide a 100% guarantee for survival. He said: "there is a high risk of casualties. If you’re ready to sacrifice, you can be a candidate." Mask said that the plan was sent to Mars as early as 2024. NASA plans 10 years later than this time. NASA will support SpaceX’s mission to Mars at the beginning. SpaceX currently plans to launch unmanned Mars in 2018 to "Chilong" spacecraft testing and landing landing system. NASA will provide space communications services to the SpaceX, and obtain SpaceX flight data. In addition, NASA hopes to launch about 30 tons of cargo to mars. So far, the heaviest cargo that landed on Mars was the 1 ton curiosity rover. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

马斯克发布火星殖民计划:成本相当于在美买套房SpaceX CEO埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)周二(27日)在墨西哥瓜达拉哈拉举行的国际宇航大会(IAC)上表示,SpaceX将开发大型火箭和飞船,将人类送往火星,最终实现火星殖民。据媒体9月28日报道,马斯克介绍了飞往火星的火箭计划。这样的火箭可重复利用,高超过300英尺(约合91.4米),最终将把名为“星际交通系统”(ITS)的飞船送往太空。而飞船每次可以运送100名乘客和货物。不过马斯克指出,目前的关键问题是降低火星飞行成本,从而吸引潜在的志愿者。他表示:“如果票价达到每人100亿美元,那么你无法发展出能自我支撑的文明。我们的目标是将成本降低至美国普通住房的房价,即约20万美元。”马斯克表示,火星项目的资金来源将是个挑战,未来几年的火星开发成本估计将达到100亿美元。他表示:“我个人正在积累资产,为这一项目提供资金”。“最终这将会是政府和民间的大规模合作。”目前,多个民间和政府项目都在研究如何将人类送往火星,而SpaceX是其中之一。火星与地球的距离约为1.4亿英里(约合2.25亿公里),整个旅程需要6到9个月。因此,登陆火星将是个极富挑战的计划。马斯克此次表示,对于与SpaceX签约,展开火星之旅的任何人,SpaceX并不能为生存提供100%的保证。他表示:“出现伤亡的风险很高。如果你准备好牺牲,那么就可以成为候选人。”马斯克表示,计划最早于2024年将人类送往火星。美国宇航局(NASA)的计划要比这一时间点晚10年。NASA将支持SpaceX最初飞往火星的任务。SpaceX目前计划于2018年向火星发射无人的“赤龙”飞船,测试降落和着陆系统。NASA将向SpaceX提供太空通信服务,并获得SpaceX的飞行数据。此外,NASA希望能向火星发射重约30吨的货物。到目前为止,降落在火星上最重的货物是1吨重的“好奇号”火星车。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: