CCTV focus and praised the Xiamen experience is worth

CCTV "focus" and praised the Xiamen experience is worth learning from Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) news (reporter Wu Haikui) last night, CCTV "focus" broadcast "Xiamen: the face of super typhoon" reported that the highly praised Xiamen science and disaster prevention and reduction, effective organization reconstruction, so in the face of the disaster to Xiamen the test, also provides reference for other areas of disaster prevention and mitigation. The report pointed out that the typhoon "Meranti" is the world’s largest this year, but since 1949 the biggest typhoon landing in southern fujian. In the face of the ferocious momentum, destructive typhoon Xiamen, accurate forecasting and timely warning, focus on defense, to protect the safety of personnel, and give full play to the military and civilian defense linkage, the loss caused by natural disasters to a minimum. In the post disaster reconstruction, the government and society, unite Our wills unite like a fortress. effort, rapid recovery of normal production and life. Reported that the typhoon landed a few days ago, the Xiamen municipal government on a variety of media repeatedly sent to the residents of the typhoon warning, the day of September 14th is to increase the frequency of transmission, in order to improve people’s awareness of prevention. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the Xiamen municipal government first issued a "stop a story three" order. TV screen, Xiamen daily (micro-blog) newspaper, new media reports on the typhoon shot repeatedly appeared. Through such a mobilization and propaganda, many residents began to reinforce the building, and store water and food. Early warning alone is not enough, the report pointed out that Xiamen through the early transfer, on-site rescue, people’s lives and safety has been the greatest protection. From September 13th to 3 before the typhoon landing in the afternoon, within a period of 36 hours, a total of Xiamen transferred to the sea, land staff of more than 50 thousand people. Maritime police officers, one by one advised to leave fishing boat fishermen; land, community workers a lot of persuasion, finally put the dangerous area residents to move to safety, do not stay dead, not fall "; the cross sea bridge, traffic police risked his life, against the wind, rescued the trapped driver…… Reported by a vivid example, it brings the audience to the thrill of the transfer and rescue site. The report said, "Meranti" let Xiamen become unrecognizable overnight, once the large area water power, communication interruption, traffic paralysis. Xiamen launched the city’s districts and departments organize assault rescue team of more than 20 thousand people, to ensure that the rescue and relief work quickly and orderly. Not only the local government, the people’s Liberation Army, the armed police to resist typhoon and post disaster reconstruction work, Xiamen citizens also spontaneously join. "The typhoon blew down trees and overturned houses, is blown away heart", reported that because all staff are actively involved in the restoration work after disaster, let Xiamen the pace of life is not fast Leisure City, at an alarming rate back to its normal state. Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) >相关的主题文章: