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Arts-and-Entertainment Great Superman party games and activities will make a Superman party exciting for guests of all ages. Just like the legend that is Superman, the right party games will turn an ordinary party into a cannot miss, legendary celebration. Kryptonite Jell-O Eating Contest: Most everyone knows that Kryptonite can cause Superman to be weak therefore having pretend kryptonite at a Superman party will make it a lot of fun. A fun way to incorporate Kryptonite into the Superman is using cubes of green Jell-O. The hostess should give each guest a bowl containing a lot of the green Jell-O. On go, players must consume the Jell-O as fast as possible. The first player do to do is the winner. Super Breath. Superman Ability to inhale and exhale huge volumes of air, capable of extinguishing large fires and moving heavy objects with a strong force of air. The object of this game is to blow a light object across the floor and back again. Spilt the players into two teams. Set up a small obstacle course to blow a crumpled up red, blue, or yellow colored tissue paper around. As the teammates blow and blow they may get tired therefore a great option for this game is the opportunity to tag their teammate and let them take over while playing the game. X-Ray Vision: This game is played with a deck or special set of Superman playing cards. The party host lays three cards face down, revealing the one card players must follow. The party hosts moves the cards around slowly then gradually faster. One player must select the card they think is the card is the one. Superman Balloon Pop: This game is played with the guests working to bust as many balloons as they can while in their team. Spilt the party guests into two teams with both teams receiving one Superman cape. Line the players in single file with their own team. Place two chairs on the opposite end of the party area with a balloon. When the players hear the word, go they go as fast as possible to the balloons and try to pop it then after they pop it they go back exchange the cape with the next player and the game continues until all teammates have finished this activity. The first team to pop all the balloons wins. Have someone by the chairs placing the balloons on the chairs between the kids running back and forth. Superman party games with Superman Party Supplies and Invitations will ensure the Superman theme party is a memorable one. Offer Superman theme party favors to all who attend the party with special party favors to all game winners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: