Chai Junli Jin Jinjia five Lianyin stock drop can be no solution to the oil

Chai Junli Gold: gold five Lianyin stock drop can be no solution to the oil city through Monday, after Tuesday’s weak shocks, Wednesday gold bear finally broke out, 6985 morning fell to the lowest 1313 gold in a wave of strong support, short-term short may continue. Recently the United States that behave abnormally strong, after fed governor Brainard’s dovish remarks by the United States that fall short, strong rebound yesterday, affecting dovish remarks bring short-term support to the gold price, the market depending on the speech cannot clap with one hand can not be sustained, quickly and exactly the same Monday’s market. The market trend is not what we can control, we can do is based on past trends and trend surface analysis and judge the next, so please don’t ask, where can the market, actually can not to who do not know, operation loss is normal, always blindly complain about others, why not Jingxiaxinlai review yourself? Homeopathic Chang, contrarian death! Before the market has yet to determine the direction, as far as possible to choose, not blind operation. Because too many uncertain factors, anything is possible, after all things change, not settled, it is difficult to final judgement, but this thinking in our investment in more need to keep, you don’t think the possible market, often happen, after all, we are not God, nor a fortune teller. Need to accept those you think are impossible but does occur in the market, or only in this way, not only in the wrong road, farther and farther. From the current situation, in September the rate hike is not likely, it is not sure to raise interest rates in December, the U.S. election, the ruling party if you want to get more votes, to stabilize the market, the Fed’s decision on it prudent to be cautious. OPEC freeze produced a mystery, after Russia issued a joint statement in Saudi Arabia, the two countries reached a series of cuts, reduced OPEC crude oil yield data on oil prices slowly to provide support, while Iran’s last cold production take a tough attitude, this time also feel not relent, so I think this is the success rate of frozen production meeting will not be too big, but it can not be said. In August this year, the total amount of OPEC member countries 33 million barrels of oil daily, compared with a decrease of 200 thousand barrels in July. Production decreased mainly from Saudi Arabia to estimate the average daily production decreased by 43 thousand barrels to 10 million 630 thousand barrels. Although the data output rate is very small, but considering the end of the month (September 26th to 28) OPEC countries will freeze property of informal consultations, the cut or implied OPEC willing to start to make a substantial decision for the maintenance of stability in oil city. But I think this is as though some countries willing to poke lacking spirit of cooperation, and, but the crude oil market is too large and complex, it is difficult to truly effective regulation. The recent trend of gold was weak, published on Monday after the pigeon Fed officials don’t hike remarks, has stimulated the gold price rebounded slightly to 1330 points, an increase in September almost is unlikely, but the market is still weak weak why? Prices rebounded from around 1320, but also just stop near the 1330, and Tuesday’s trend is still very.相关的主题文章: