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Changan new MPV models Ling Xuan spy exposure or Guangzhou automobile Sohu – Sohu unveiled [ ]; Changan commercial spy fox has taken root in the MPV market for a long time, after auneau and Auchan, the new S50 will also be available for rui. But the Changan passenger car plate, after the early Jie Xun has been away from the MPV market models with broken halberds defeat. But look at the Baojun 730 such models earned pours, Changan passenger car finally opened the door to MPV, the first compact household level MPV directly aimed at the Baojun 730, then will also be launched in 2018 MPV business Odyssey level. The new MPV R & D code V301, earlier plans to launch the identity of the Changan CV50, but according to the latest news we have mastered, this new car will be "Ling Xuan" Chinese name. Although the car is Auchan Changan commercial platform had launched the pre precursor structure, but the body size is relatively compact, but also uses the 2+3+2 seat layout, greatly reducing the third rows of seats use convenience and comfort of space. Changan passenger car launched the new Ling Xuan models also used the front transmission layout, Mcpherson independent front suspension and non independent torsion beam rear suspension, body size will still increase as many. Changan Ling Xuan wheelbase 2760mm, body length and breadth of 4730*1795*1755mm, wheelbase compared with Auchan long 80mm, the long high width also increased 265mm, 70mm, 70mm. At the same time compared with the Baojun 730 models, Changan Ling Xuan to 10mm wheelbase, length and breadth were 20mm, 10mm, multi 40mm, tit for tat flavor is very obvious. At present, Ling Xuan test car because the body height of camouflage, and headlight and taillight group are temporary borrowing of Changan Ben Cheung Yuet V7 lamp body, it can only judge the car from the body contour. Ling Xuan grille design with chrome bar, can already see the Changan passenger car V LOGO profile. It is reported that the production version of the headlights will be open the outline of the eye corner, and will be integrated with LED lights with daytime driving lights. Configuration 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels and 205 55R16 tires. The competitors, Changan Ling Xuan naturally adopted Baojun 730 identical 2+2+3 seven seat layout. At present, the test car interior or semi finished state, only to see the configuration of a key engine ignition, multimedia control panel can be seen in the configuration of large size LCD screen, and is an automatic thermostat. But there is no use of electronic handbrake, handbrake rod type is still traditional. The second row of the two seats not only have a higher degree of comfort, the most critical thing is to allow access to the third rows of space becomes very convenient. At the same time, thanks to the extension of body size and body wider, so ling Xuan third rows of even three seat comfort to more than two seat auchan. But the folding of the third row of seats is not so Auchan is flexible, the spare tire also uses the type structure of the chassis, to obtain more trunk space, only third rows of seats fold forward, not like)相关的主题文章: