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Changsha eight kinds of goods 4 rose 4 flat egg prices rose for 4 weeks the original title: egg prices rose for 4 weeks, or to the ceiling of the evening of September 14th, Changsha Zhushan Kaifu District garden vegetable market, people buy vegetables. (reporter Li Jian photo), according to the Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission price monitoring center monitoring shows that this week (September 13th – September 21st, the same below) Changsha 4 kinds of commodities rose by 4 flat. The meat and eggs, aquatic products, vegetable and fruit prices last week are rising, the egg has been rising for 4 consecutive weeks. Egg prices are still strong this week, adequate supply of live pigs market, although there is a slight increase in demand during the Mid Autumn Festival, but the overall volatility of pork is not large, only rib row prices rose slightly, other varieties were flat last week. According to the NDRC price monitoring center, monitoring Changsha city this week, the monitoring center of meat and poultry products price is 24.61 yuan, rose 0.12% last week. Of which: ribs prices than last week rose 0.08%, to 22.02 yuan per catty. Egg prices remain strong this week. According to the monitoring results, this week egg rose 3.34% last week, the average price is 5.76 yuan per catty. 21 PM, in Changsha wujialing community in a large supermarket, the reporter saw the white shell egg is still common for 5.48 yuan a pound, maintained before the Mid Autumn Festival during the festival and the price, "thought the festival, the egg will be cheaper, did not expect or expensive." Ms. Wu Chunfang, who is choosing eggs. "After the egg, a drop in demand, but because of the egg production in our city is not high, reduced supply, so the egg prices still remain upward trend." Price monitoring center staff is expected, the price of eggs rose to the ceiling. The industry also said that over the years from the point of view, the Mid Autumn Festival will usher in three months of consumption off-season, the first half of this year actively Bulan hens will gradually enter the laying peak in the near future, at the same time, egg prices rose rapidly for nearly a month, making farmers Bulan increase or postpone the old chicken eliminated in the rich the profit, which means that the supply will gradually increase, while the price of feed raw materials is expected to decline, so the next expected egg prices fell. Vegetables are rising slowly in this period, the price of vegetables Changsha rising slowly, but as part of the supply of vegetables is still stubble phenomenon, a substantial drop in the short term is difficult, the overall price of vegetables still maintain the upward trend. This week the price of vegetables rose 0.77% over the previous period, the monitoring of 15 varieties of 6 up 6 down 3 flat. The green pepper and pepper over the previous period were up 3.85% and 10.41%, other varieties of rose, fell within 3%. This week, as a result of the festival, the public demand for fresh fish consumption increased, the rapid rise in prices of freshwater fish. According to the survey, the Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission price monitoring center to monitor the average price of aquatic products 13.11 yuan, up from last week’s 1.98%. Including grass carp, bighead and silver carp, carp prices last week rose 8.34%, 19.29%, 2.44% and 4.09%, to 7.92 yuan per kilogram, 5.05 yuan, 9.23 yuan and 9.93 yuan. Affected by supply and demand, this week, Changsha fruit prices continue to rise. Price monitoring center相关的主题文章: