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Charm Blue Max experience: talk about "giant screen" and those things – Sohu Meizu tech geeks Park micro signal: geekpark Charm Blue Max Charm Blue Max was released in early September Meizu a product, this product is released, we do not have detailed experience, the reason is that the 6 inch screen size to its audience Limited, and in addition to the screen, Charm Blue Max and almost before we have experienced the charm blue E not much difference. Recently, because of work reasons, I often need to use mobile phone open mobile hotspot, but now my main machine iPhone 7 life too "worry", does not dare to bring out a hot open, then remember to try the charm blue Max this big cell "giant screen machine". The 6 inch giant screen "" over the past few months, millet, glory, Meizu this three Internet brands have released their own "giant screen" mobile phone: millet Max (6.44 inches), glory Note8 (6.6 inches) and Charm Blue Max (6 inches). Although all of the giant screen phone, but the difference between these three mobile phones are quite large. The characteristics of millet Max is relatively good configuration (Qualcomm SoC 6), but the work in general; Charm Blue Max just turn it, the general configuration, the workmanship is very good; the product positioning of the glory of Note8 than the previous two mobile phone is much higher, of course, the price is. From the Jingdong, Tmall and other online platform sales, although the three products of a single product sales are also good, but compared to its own 5.2 inches or 5.5 inches around the product, the three "Max" sales are low, indicating the current 6 inches above the mobile phone is still a relative niche demand. Max and iPhone SE to Charm Blue Charm Blue Max, compared to Max millet and glory Note8, Charm Blue Max this 6 inch screen was much smaller, coupled with the body weight of only 189 grams (more than 5.5 inches screen iPhone 7 Plus weight 1 grams), even if I like this hand for smaller users, a hand holding a charm blue Max brush micro-blog, circle of friends, see NBA live is not what pressure. But when using the right hand to use the squared input type, because the screen is wide, the left side of the screen is not easy enough to sign. In the display effect, Charm Blue Max screen and Charm Blue E basically at the same level. Although due to the increase in screen size, resolution unchanged (1080p), leading to the charm of the blue Max screen PPI down to 368, but because the screen is LCD material, basically can not see what the particles. In the hair color of the screen, the charm of blue Max is also relatively normal, not like some of the domestic mobile phone by pulling相关的主题文章: