Chen Sicheng’s beauty event Straight all cosmetic effects in

Chen Sicheng’s "beauty event"? Straight all cosmetic effects this lead poisoning: a few days ago in the micro-blog Liyan Tong drying out of her husband Chen Sicheng’s "beauty event", and said: "I want to kick him, living a straight brown Han himself P in such a way, it is! (source: Chen Sicheng posters fashion network) "event" beauty beauty "Chen Sicheng event" Chen Sicheng "event of beauty" a few days ago in the micro-blog Liyan Tong drying out of her husband Chen Sicheng’s "beauty event", and said: "I want to kick him, living a straight male Brown Han put his P into this grinding, grinding to the skin white translucent face and curling eyelashes arrhizus clear, this adorable sell really badly, Yaya subtext is" I want to kiss him? Comedy queen Ma Li use facial effects you can see Ma Li Ma Li this is the love funny comedy queen Ma Li? A few days ago in Nanjing for the last performance of Ma Li drying out the various cosmetic effects at micro-blog, was also a fan called "perfect control effects of fotocall Li Jie", it seems "poison" of a person than Chen Sicheng! Seal Kun really is deep, maxed out the circle of friends to be good cosmetic effects where? Cosmetic effects in the end it? Effects: a face long eyelashes long eyelashes eyes big eyes effect effect on the most important part of the most prominent temperament is the eyes, and the most important part is the eye lashes, hushanhushan long lashes like talking, even the eyes are naturally amplified, although goose not everyone is born long eyelashes, until the cosmetic effects of cord that fine short eyelashes have a "head" opportunity. Effect two: Pink Blush Pink Blush red face will bring a sense of modesty, Bailitouhong appearance will let the people more look, when can not draw a heavy hand on the second Blush "Gaoyuanhong", and save a lot of time facial effects "residual star people". In order to make eyelashes long eyelashes with big eyes and thick, will choose mascara, but want to make eyelashes more curl actually have some tips for brushing! Step1: the mirror adjustment to see the eyelash root direction, starting from the central eyelash root skin. Step2: put the mascara brush affixed to the root of 3 seconds to fix the volume of Alice, then the mascara brush around the left and right sides, so that Mascara evenly coated mascara. Step3: eye head and eye tail repeat the above steps. Curl eyelashes eyelash curler eyelash curler: time to change the rubber base of the eyelash curler, rubber will be deformed, the old and the impact of eyelash curler out of the volume, and may even hurt eyelashes. So you want to clip a beautiful radian eyelashes, do not forget to replace the regular cleaning rubber base. The heating principle is like hot eyelash curler, mascara, use the hair dryer in the clip eyelashes before heating it, so you can easily clip out curling eyelashes! If you want to maintain the length of the eyelashes a little longer, you can heat the eyelashes after the end of the clip and then cool the cooling stereotypes, volume can last longer. Bai Li li.相关的主题文章: