Chengdu P2P platform boss escaped millions of lost contact with the police to illegal Xichu filing 3edyy

Chengdu P2P platform boss escaped millions of lost contact with the police to illegal Xichu filing in the Internet financial regulatory tightening, strengthen self-discipline, and a "quitter". The evening of September 26th, lazy man’s official announcement of P2P net loan platform headquarters is located in Sichuan high tech Zone of Chengdu Province, said the actual controller Zhong Ninglin escaped 11 million 600 thousand lost contact, the Public Security Bureau of Chengdu hi tech branch has its investigation, qualitative for illegal deposits from the public. Lazy rich 26 announcement website said on the morning of the company’s actual controller Zhong Ninglin will be used for payment of $11 million 600 thousand cash investment to personal bank card, resulting in the company not normal payment, the company has confirmed that this person lost. Notice that the company’s employees are also on the platform of investment, but also the victims, the company has been working with the staff of the Chengdu high tech Zone Finance Office, Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau of high-tech branch contact. The rich content map lazy official website announcement the next 27 days, the site on behalf of the staff and lazy rich Chengdu City Public Security Bureau issued a report material specification, suggest that investors prepared to report material sent to the local public security bureau. Investors at once to surging news high tech District Public Security Bureau received a report of the case by the "receipt", the police have started investigation in September 27th, the qualitative behavior of lazy rich operating companies – Chengdu Huitong century Information Technology Co. Ltd as illegal absorbing public deposits. Map of receipt by the case of lazy man’s official website, as of September 29th, the platform investment users have 86 thousand people, investors on the platform of the cumulative investment of over 1 billion 500 million yuan. Official website information also shows that in December 18, 2015 the platform turnover exceeded 300 million yuan. In other words, according to the site’s data, this year, the average monthly increase of over 100 million yuan of new investment. The parent company paid up capital of 0 to 27 days to lazy rich investors operating company of Chengdu Tianfu Avenue in the middle of 666, the company has ceased operations, closed the door, the door in the dark. He closed the door operation diagram lazy lazy rich operating company Chengdu Huitong century Information Technology Co., Ltd., registered in April 20, 2015, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal representative for Xie Guidong. In December 3, 2015, the company experienced a change of shareholders, investors changed from Xie Guidong to Qianhai lazy rich financial information services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the large shareholders and the legal representative of the latter is the announcement to bring capital fled Zhong Ninglin. Compared to the Chengdu Huitong century Information Technology Co. Ltd., Qianhai lazy rich financial information services (Shenzhen) Limited registered time later, in November 24, 2015, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. Shareholders of three natural persons Zhong Ninglin, Tan Xueyong, and, in which the amount of subscribed capital contribution of 47 million 500 thousand, holding a total of $, with a total investment of $, the number of shares of the company was $95%. However, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the company’s 2015 annual report shows that the three shareholders of the paid in capital are 0. In addition to Qianhai lazy rich, Zhong Ninglin or Chengdu one gold suit Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu eversolar Technology Co., the legal representative of the company and shareholders. Public information display, clock Ninglin graduated from Northeastern University, worked]相关的主题文章: