Children anti haze masks trap the indiscriminate use of excessive propaganda to mislead the new

Children anti haze masks "trap": the indiscriminate use of excessive propaganda to mislead – test report Beijing – reporter Zhao Li "buy over the purchasing power of the world" — the people of Beijing Dong Li buy masks, is not an exaggeration to describe this. From domestic brands to Japan and South Korea, to us, the house of Dong Li masks brand more than a dozen children, are anti haze masks. Haze pose a serious threat to human health, especially for children’s health and growth is very unfavorable. The market of children’s anti haze masks a superb collection of beautiful things, but there are many defects." Two years of purchase experience, so that Dong Li has become almost an expert in this regard". She said, these anti haze masks or anti haze effect is poor, or not to wear comfortable, "even" cry up wine and sell vinegar. "". Experts to Beijing Tongren Hospital child mask gimmick said to reporters, anti haze masks is different from that in daily life anti-dust masks and surgical masks, its main role is to prevent the haze particles invade the human respiratory system. Therefore, the dust efficiency is an important design index, and to achieve dustproof efficiency, must consider the closed degree of adhesion is not strong, "resulting in greatly reduced the effect of anti fog and haze; closed too tight or improper material selection, it may bring trouble to wear, especially children, anti haze masks, this kind of contradiction serious". According to Dong Li’s purchase experience, at present, specifically designed for children masks very little. According to the China existing product standards, in line with universal user mask standard has not been fully unified, "for example, there are a lot of masks for adults and children can be generic, in fact, mask design for children and adults in size and material, there is much difference. Children do not use the size of the mask, no adverse effects on the environment". Two years, with Dong Li’s words, experienced a variety of masks trap". In the purchase process, Dong Li firstly removed those a glance through the "ordinary mask", "this kind of product only in the name of a commodity or the clearly written PM2.5, anti fog and haze, but the entire commodity introduction in anti haze ability itself did not mention the word on the mask". It is said there are "anti haze masks, but look, there are telling the antibacterial." Dong Li said that these are the consumers can identify, but some are latent is relatively deep. Through the introduction of Dong Li, the reporter contacted the child masks have been screened from the media, the people of Wu Feng. "I’ve seen a children’s anti haze masks, the product name suggests that" anti haze PM2.5 ". Details of the product are also formally introduced to the use of the N90 filter material. Finally, there is a clear test report. It seems so true." Wu Feng said, however, if you look at the basis of detection will find the problem. China’s KN90, KN95 from GB2626-2006, and the test report is clearly not. According to Wu Feng introduction, the mask industry standard there are 3 important indexes: filtration efficiency, leakage rate, respiratory resistance, these 3 indicators all standards to be qualified, "but a lot of masks on that issue, the most common.相关的主题文章: