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Chinese titanium industry to the world can produce all kinds of titanium alloy in July 6, 2016 domestic large transport transport 20 officially installed units, in July 23rd made a large fire water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 assembly line, not long ago, China’s independent research and development C919 the first large passenger aircraft has always put off line and will be the first flight of China into the development of the aviation industry lane. Leap forward development of the aviation industry has also led the development of related industries, with high-end demand for titanium metal aviation "said continued growth. At the same time, a major project of national manufacturing industry — "two machine" special attention, independent research and development of gas turbine aeroengine, adumbrative domestic titanium alloy and superalloy will usher in a huge market demand. Participate in the development of China made large aircraft "Three Musketeers" BaoTi Group Co. Ltd. is the largest China in titanium and titanium alloy based professional scientific research base for the production of rare metal, was founded in 1965, with titanium, zirconium, and special metal equipment design and manufacturing of four industrial sectors, formed a relatively complete with rare metal as the main processing industries and industrial chain, not only is the China titanium industry leader, is also an important part of the world titanium industry. BaoTi group has Chinese material preparation and cutting-edge technology to assume new materials more than 8000 production tasks, more than 600 scientific and technological achievements. The domestic aerospace titanium processing material production BaoTi group from 90%. Since, BaoTi group is the main production base of titanium alloy materials for aviation in China, is a major supplier of titanium alloy for China’s large aircraft and new aircraft. Improving the equipment level of hard power is a concrete embodiment of the enterprise’s economic hard power, which is very important for the development of enterprises. BaoTi group has always been put through technological innovation, enhance the level of equipment as an important way to promote enterprise technological progress. In this process, BaoTi group spirit of "introduction, digestion and improvement" principle, the renewal and transformation of a series of technical equipment, one from Germany and Japan, America, Austria and other countries to introduce a large number of production with the world’s advanced level of equipment and testing technology, the overall level of equipment manufacturing enterprises reached the international advanced level. The company has imported from the cold hearth in the United States and Japan, Germany, Austria and other 16 countries, 10 tons, 15 tons of furnace, 2500 tons forging machine, tons of free forging machine, MB22-T1 type twenty roller cold rolling mill and titanium and titanium alloy strip processing line, the international advanced equipment and a large number of casting and forging machine forging, rolling, testing and other aspects, accounting for more than 70% of the total value of equipment, the overall equipment level has reached the international advanced level. Is the basic processing of titanium sponge titanium, BaoTi group forging factory technical staff told reporters that the sponge titanium smelting is an important technology, is a titanium first one, the stability of titanium material involved. So smelting is a major industry, huge investment. The company is equipped with dozens of kilograms to more than ten tons of various types of melting furnace, with the introduction of 15 tons of vacuum consumable arc furnace from Germany, the vacuum furnace, vacuum furnace, such as 10 tons of advanced equipment to meet the melting needs. Tons of free forging machine project is based on the domestic aviation BaoTi group and key projects of large titanium bars, forgings.相关的主题文章: