China’s high-end unmanned aerial vehicles are not afraid to be hijacked in the South China Sea to pe

Chinese high-end UAV was hijacked in the South China Sea is not afraid of the mission eleventh China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai in November 1st, in addition to the majority of Chinese people looking forward to the f -20 provides an excellent flight performance, a variety of advanced military debut UAV attention soldiers and civilians who also played the lead, the global network of military channels a reporter for the Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute of China Aviation Industry Deputy Chief Designer Dai Chuan and Li Yidong had an exclusive interview, please them in UAV China and future reviews. In recent years, although the development of a thousand li a day of UAV, but as the saying goes: the one upmanship, UAV and UAV spear and shield battle has intensified, foreign media reports, the Iran claimed that successfully hijacked American drone. According to reports, flying into the development of unmanned aerial vehicles in the process, attaches great importance to how to deal with anti UAV operations. Li Yidong chief engineer said, Chinese high-end drones do not rely on satellite navigation and radio control, can be used normally in the absence of satellite and radio conditions, with powerful capability of electronic warfare. That being the case, then the UAV industry in foreign countries have experienced anti UAV combat test? Li Yidong said, now flying drones have experienced similar tests, including interference on GPS navigation, electronic warfare and so on, it can be said that the UAV is flying into the response to the potential anti drone measures. When it comes to fly into the UAV is able to perform in the South China Sea and other hot, a Sichuan engineer said, AVIC UAV in strict accordance with the design requirements of all the territory, both the plateau Island complex environment can be used normally, do the anti salt spray, anti high temperature, anti mildew three requirements.相关的主题文章: