China’s railway construction in Kenya was protesting blocking animal migration – Sohu news

China in Kenya by rail protest: block animal migration – Sohu news world famous paleontologist, Kenya wild animal protection agency chairman Chad? Good basic week said earlier, elevated railway will not harm the animal, so is the best solution. He said, once the project is completed, wild animals are free to pass, including flies and giraffe." But environmental groups and other groups have vowed to overturn the plan. Local community activist Nkamunu Patita said Friday, "this is our legacy." The chairman of the Wildlife Conservation Union has submitted a petition to the wildlife protection agency, Kitili Mbathi, asking for railway construction to change the construction line. Mbathi said he welcomed the public to make a different proposal". The railway project was undertaken by China Communications Construction Co and China Luqiao group. Kenya railway company is also subject to the consent of the State Environmental Administration, the project can be officially started. Observer network note for the construction of elevated railway will affect the animal migration considerations, China early in the construction of the Qinghai Tibet railway will have to solve this problem, in part through the construction of the viaduct section of animal migration and other ways to provide the channel for the wild animal. In fact, along the Qinghai Tibet railway, the Tibetan antelope, wild animal migration has been basically adapted to the Qinghai Tibet railway passage for wild animal.相关的主题文章: