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[Lippi] Chinese football issue: Hengda help system axis offensive chips all Sohu with Chinese selected sports announced a new lineup’s list, a new era of Lippi at the helm of the national football officially opened the curtain. Lippi phase compared to the previous coaching period of the lineup of Gao Hongbo has been a significant change, then what kind of efforts to rely on Hengda department is the key aspect of the. China in the coming of Qatar’s strong competition on the 12 win, Lippi to overcome various difficulties, try to stimulate appeared to win the lineup means. Gao Hongbo lessons to learn the status of the current state of the list of players in the middle of November with Qatar’s top 12 tournament. About four weeks ago, Gao Hongbo coached the national football official in 12 finals squad list, the list of 7 players out of today’s "Lippi period". According to the existing level of Chinese football, after a period of four weeks around the national list of up to 7 people change is very abnormal. It does the same job change has a direct relationship, which also determines the "Lippi period" has a very special aspect: what is the Gao Hongbo period selection international is out of the question, or that Lippi’s choice is a problem? Or to see who is more conducive to the choice of the country, as far as possible to avoid mistakes. Gao Hongbo led the race at the 12 stage, the most criticized by the media is digital in the super league play (and the number of games played in the unstable) or limited opportunities in the League proved ability and status were sharply players selected for the national team, it is play the 12 match this important the events of the main scenes. Can be summed up: Gao Hongbo coach of the 4 games in the top 12 stages, some positions on the selection is not based on the state selected, but based on the impression and some kind of judgment. "Lippi period" in view of this phenomenon obviously changed, that several did not play the league or League showed a lack of convincing players were missed a new squad (Zhao Mingjian coached the period it also for "three league players stop main national tournament" triggered controversy in Gao Hongbo, but his performance is that several "best player impression", appeared in the "Lippi period") is more reasonable. "Lippi" clearly reflects the ability and state selection according to the existing international ideas, not only reflected in the return of Zheng Zhi, but also in the Cao and Fu Huan? The two person. Cao is bound to be one of the most outstanding local players in the season, has been enjoying the high voice of the selected countries. Fu Huan has grown up this season to be one of the most attacking right back in the country, a week before he was selected for the best team in sina. Lippi phase of the most critical aspects of the period of the Gao Hongbo made a striking adjustment, the next depends on the actual combat effect, the performance of the national foot can exceed the overall level of the top 4 games in the top 12. Hengda help support the national axis? Recently continued to spread, Lippi will rely on Hengda department to determine the national list of the message and intensified. Compared with the intensity of rumors, the 7 Hengda players selected Lippi phase of the actual results and even make.相关的主题文章: